11 interesting facts about Thailand maybe you’ve never heard

Bangkok real name, age-old rules … are all interesting information even for those who have visited this country.

1. “I came from Krungthep”


Recently a friend familiar with cute polar wander on Thai soil when introduced and that she came from Krungthep. Krungthep drilling rush is investigating Google see any province then, by Krungthep Bangkok’s … there.

Thai people born and raised in Bangkok to introduce themselves would say they came from rather Krungthep Bangkok. By the real name of Bangkok is a long name “kilometers”: Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Amon Rattanakosin Noppharat Ratchathani Mahinthara Burirom Ayutthaya Udom Mahadilok Ratchaniwet Phop Mahasathan Sakkathattiya Amon Phiman Witsanu Awatan Kamprasit Sathit. So do not panic when someone introduced them coming from Krungthep offline.

2. Seven Eleven everywhere


Seven Eleven is a convenience store system is very popular in Thailand and has been in some other Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia … Almost convenience store market share in Thailand will fall into the hands Seven Eleven.

Specifically, Seven Eleven is everywhere and is distributed fairly “reasonable” – walk about 100m, you can see up to 3 stores distributed along the road. Main Thais also do not understand why the stores have a “self-competition” with each other as such.

Despite allocation cryptic style but really Seven Eleven is a dining paradise. Many young people confessed that Vietnam has a suitcase full trot buying candy from a convenience store system because something is super cheap, delicious and varied.

3. Stewards bus beautiful flight attendant


In Thailand there are dedicated bus system for women, relatively few seats but fully equipped and very modern, used to move between the provinces together. And perhaps you will “turn back” to see the bus hostess because they equally beautiful flight attendant how.

During the journey, though only 2 or 7 hours, the attendants remained polite demeanor, affable. In particular, their costumes pretty fussy as costume flight attendant and always chin chu, spotless, clean.

5. Error unique pronunciation

When communicating in English with Thai people, if a closer look, you will find that there are two sounds they do not speak, it is the “r” and “w” With sound “r”, they will read the “l” and with “w”, they will pronounce the “v”.

6. Monitor greet guests not in touch


In high schools and universities in Thailand, if I had to pick a group of foreign students to exchange heat or to keep to the program, the students, the students gave a performance of Thai generally “variety” very strange.

They makeup and dress in a way very-not-seeds-one, make yourself worse, the more bizarre the better it … and danced jubilantly on the incredibly vibrant music scene. No need to invest too much, but this performance is highly international friends favorite and enthusiastic.

7. “Ladyboy show” not only in Pattaya


Thailand is a country very open about issues related to LGBT. The “Ladyboy show” is also a cultural and tourism highlight the country’s unique golden pagoda.

An interesting fact is that in the program, the student festival, students are organized in schools, the school still allowing you to show off fake female male repertoire. Even in a school beauty contest school level, boys are still entitled “silk extract” contest was comfortable in there.

8. “Ladyboy” in … schools

Wandering in universities in Thailand, do not surprised or shocked when you see one of the boys in uniform … school girl in school unruffled offline.

Schools in Thailand is highly respected individual freedoms and especially not protest when boys and girls suddenly changed uniforms for each other. Some boys have short hair style like many other men, but you can still go to school and women in uniform are not uncommon in universities in Thailand.

9. The quickest way to identify a Thai girl


Do you know the fastest way to identify Thai girls between a “forest” of other Asian girl is? Wear eye wear lenses (colored or colorless) and braces. Do not believe, you just try to walk on the streets of Bangkok and to observe how the girls look.

10. On the whole people wear purple


When you come to Thailand in the first days of April, you will encounter a lot of people wearing purple on the street. In Thai culture, purple is the color symbolizing the royal princess, and Princess Sirindhorn’s birthday falls in early April so people dressed in purple as a way of celebrating and showing love for his princess.

11. Freshman must be “operating”

If you are a fan of Thai film, surely you remember the first scene of the courses students must bring a table to struggle to his chest with colorful words not? That is how the “new drug” hi pitch and show the respect with you locked on. Content on board is often the words: “You’re a freshman,” sometimes even bring the content of “hegemony” but no disrespect to the “old ghosts”.


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