5 beautiful tropical island of Thailand tourism

Endless white sand, blue water, the weather is pleasant for diving, paragliding in Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Lipe, Koh Phi Phi attractive enough any first-time visitor lamb.

Strange that used to be the paradise island in Thailand. If discerning travelers have discovered such familiar places in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, you can try a new feel to the beautiful tropical island in the South.

Koh Samui – Paradise for Family Vacation


Travel Ko Samui has developed since the 1970s, when the tourists first backpackers stunned endless white sand, turquoise waters, lush tropical forests and sun shine all day long. In Koh Samui, you can find everything, from 5 star resorts to lavish bungalow close to the coast to catch the sunrise, leaving Koh Samui enjoyable for a family vacation.

As an unwritten rule to protect the coastline of calm, the tallest building is also not allowed more palm trees nearby, to not obscure the vision of the visitors. Coast also saw the most romantic moments in the couple’s wedding day Thailand.

Koh Tao: scuba diving and snorkeling


Koh Tao is honored as Trip Advisor’s five islands. This island is a mecca for those who love diving because of the frequent occurrence of giant whale sharks. This is one of the rare points when luck is sure to see huge fish but it was very peaceful. There are 35 dive sites and 60 diving schools, the cost of Koh Tao is not expensive for a beginner.

Koh Pha Ngan: Beach party through the night

Koh Pha Ngan‘s most famous Full Moon Festival (full moon) every month Haad Rin seaside, sometimes attracting up to 20,000 visitors from around the world the same mix of music all night, turning the beach into a giant club. After hours of music with their best every night, you can relax on the beach peaceful waves, join the fishing trip on the TV, by elephant trekking, snorkelling, paragliding, visiting the waterfalls spectacular …

Koh Lipe: pristine little rest


Koh Lipe has only been explored since the 1990s, it retains much of its wild features of a new island with fresh air and clear blue waters. Koh Lipe from, visitors can kayak toward Adang islands of Tarutao protected areas, where there are abundant forests, with waterfalls and tranquil shores, like a true paradise for tourists love nature.

Koh Phi Phi: the setting for the movie The Beach


Phi Phi island is one of Thailand’s most popular because of its appearance in the dreamlike beautiful movies in The Beach – films with the participation of Leonardo DiCaprio. Ko Phi Phi’s beauty have become classics, with turquoise water, white sandy beaches, rocky shores and exotic year-round balmy weather.


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