Hua Hin – paradise of the tourist resorts of Thailand

Hua Hin quiet, peaceful with lush green grape hills, white sandy beach stretches seem different from the vibrant, bustling tourist resorts in Thailand other.

Located in Bangkok of Thailand about 250 kilometers south of Hua Hin is an attractive tourist destination with indigenous peoples, This is the land with stretches of white beaches, scenic mountains and has not been much intervention by the hand of man. Often on weekends, Thais flock here in large spaces to enjoy a fresh and peaceful.
Two primary means to Hua Hin for the trains and buses. If traveling by train, you can start from Hua Lampong Station, takes about 5-6 hours.


If you choose the bus, there are many trips to choose from, on average about an hour at the station car bus departs the South. You can order tickets in advance or purchased at the station, the fare about 220 baht (140,000 dong), about 3 hours travel time.

If you take the large group, you should choose to hire private cars, for about 3,000 baht (over 2 million). From Bangkok or at the airport are car to Hua Hin. Away from Pattaya or Koh Chang, you can move to Hua Hin by ship, it took about 3 hours.

Visiting sites


Hua Hin is famous for white sand beaches, small waves, accommodation is appropriate. The sea here is not human intervention should still looks pristine. It offers recreational activities such as fishing, skateboarding, water sports, scuba diving and horseback riding along the beach.

Royal Palace

Hua Hin was once a small fishing village. 1920 King Rama 7 has come to this land, and choose a destination resort for the royal family. In 1928 the Royal Palace was built, Klai Kang Won named. Today this is still the place of residence of the royal family when they come to Hua Hin. Surrounding the palace is a luxuriant orchards, the rooms have sea views with a romantic setting. Tourists can visit this place as the royal family is not present here.

The golf course

Hua Hin is also known as the golf paradise of Thailand. It has a lot of golf courses such as Royal Hua Hin class, Majestic Creek and Springfield, Banyan, Palm Hills …

Ancient station

With the main material is wood, Hua Hin railway station is considered one of the most beautiful railway stations in Thailand, was built in 1968. It is a stop of the train to the southern provinces comes from players Bangkok.

Stock Market

100-year old market is located right on the road from Bangkok to Hua Hin. Unlike other markets, you will feel the tranquility upon arrival because the market just sold some food items and local traditions.


Wat Tham Khao Tao

Located on a peaceful fishing village, temple Tham Khao Tao is located adjacent to the sea. After worship, Buddha, visitors can sit inside the stone steps listening and watching the waves murmuring offshore boats, enjoy the cool sea breeze.

Plern Wan

As ecotourism village attracts many tourists to visit while in Hua Hin, especially in the evening, this place is crowded by local restaurants with a variety of dishes made from fresh seafood, cheap .

Vana Nava Waterpark

At 1,000 baht (about 700,000), you can enjoy an exciting holiday with games modern waterslide. It offers a wide variety chutes, many colors and is one of the most modern water park in Thailand.

Neighborhood shopping

With shopaholic, Market Village is not just a shopping place with many world famous brands, but also an interesting address many products of traditional crafts of Thailand. Featured products are printed cloth Khommaphat, used for sewing hand towels, bed sheets and pillow …

Night market
Meeting the night market every evening, from 6 to 23 o’clock with a wealth of shops on sale of specific items such as clothing, crafts, shoes, souvenirs … This is where the famous shopping and you also can enjoy fresh seafood dishes prepared on the spot, lively music outdoors.

Floating Market Amphawa

Amphawa floating market with the bridge over the river.
Amphawa floating market with the bridge over the river.
On the way back from Bangkok to Hua Hin, you remember visiting floating markets, where buying and selling takes place bustling scenes and colorful. Along both sides of the wooden houses with many items being sold. Floating Market attracts visitors not only by cultural characteristics of water but also by rich tropical produce are sold between immense boat, crowded boat.


There are many 5-star hotel with beautiful swimming pool, overlooking the sea and services such as Amari Hua Hin class, Sheraton Hua Hin 3,500 baht … rates (over 2 million).

At a cost of about 200,000 contracts, you can also find the guesthouse with dorm rooms (dormitory). 2-star hotels with prices from 20 USD per night (approximately 400000-700000 VND).


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