Ignore Bangkok Thailand, visit the ancient capital of Ayutthaya

Feeling very peaceful when in Ayutthaya, the statue is surrounded by a red eagle leaves the trees create a pure scenery and serenity.


Bangkok is unstable, very hot and crowded. So do not stay long capital which should unwind, and the ancient capital of Ayutthaya was a bad choice.

In order to Ayutthaya, you’ll have to explore in Bangkok, can choose the following ways:

– Hire taxi straight to transport or tours of the hotel where you stay.

– Out to Hua Lamphong train station to buy tickets to Ayutthaya, the fare of about 20,000, about 2 hours travel time. To the station, tuk tuk hire transported vestige, the price is about 400,000.

– Go to Mochit station (BTS can go, tuk tuk or taxi) and then catch the bus to Ayutthaya, every 30 minutes a trip.

– Take out the Victory Monument, where there are many minivans go Ayutthaya, 20 minutes will be a trip.

If you take a group of 3-4 people can choose the most logical way is to hire a private taxi transportation to visit all areas of Ayutthaya, for about 800,000 to 1 million. Sunny but catch a bus or take the train many times, it is very tiring.


Approximately 85km from Bangkok, Ayutthaya, the ancient capital of Thailand, like Hue in Vietnam and is recognized as World Cultural Heritage in 1991. Ayutthaya began to be ruled under the reign of King U Thong. To 1767, after seven dynasties ruled for 33 kings, Ayutthaya entire army was Burma (former name of Myanmar) invaded and destroyed. When independence, the king moved the capital to Bangkok. Since then, became famous ruins of Ayutthaya.
In Ayutthaya have populations with names difficult to read as Wat Choeng Thar, Suwandararam Wat, Wat Phra Ram, Wat Mahathat, Wat Phra Mongkhon Bophit, Phutthaisawan Wat, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, Wat Worachettharam, Lokaya Suttha Wat, Wat Yai Chaimongkhon, Wat Chaiwatthanaram … If you need to save these guys, you should carefully photographed temple.

Wat Lokaya Sutha is where the giant statue of the reclining Buddha on a lotus tilted his head, face toward the East, two feet close to each other husband with the toes balanced. The statue was draped in yellow, 8 meters high and 30 meters long, made of cement, plaster and covered some devotees seats are gilded with gold-plated pieces of adhesive foil, small faint. Thai people believe that the gold-leaf plate affixed to the statue of Buddha is Buddha bless and protect.

However, the image that many people to remember most about the picture Ayutthaya buddha face wrapped in Wat Mahathat temple roots. A pretty face, holiness and transcendence brings sense of peace for everyone. Many people in Thailand while rumors that destroyed the ancient capital, a certain soldier statue placed on top of the stumps. Over the many years, the roots-time beam was reaching out and embracing face Buddha form a vivid picture and strange. Wat Mahatat with splendid ruins are series headless Buddha statue next to the foundation and walls of red brick ruins.


After going bored of temples, statues, you can hire a taxi carrying the floating markets Ayutthaya Klong Sabua just to play just for lunch. This market is very large, the food is so available on the boat or on the stove in the wooden planks at the market building. At the market there are also many Vietnam visit.

One day is enough to discover Ayutthaya, good service, atmosphere deep, can hear the wind, the sound of rustling leaves. See the Buddha has a long history, you will not be out of pity to think how much time had passed last year, many ups and downs, but today still be watching the pure Buddha face, subtle sad serenity, unconcern.


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