Thailand Tourism seems peaceful sightseeing in floating market

Visitors can walk along the river boat or walking the banks watch the bustle in the river, enjoy the cool breeze and peaceful life here.


Amphawa floating market of the capital, Bangkok, Thailand, about 80 km. Market meeting on a small canal connecting the Mae Klong River, with a peaceful setting. Market is only open from 12 am to dusk on weekends (6th to Sunday). Visitor numbers to the floating market is very crowded, but no scenes unsettled, tight guillotine or guest pickpockets.


River crossing is the small bridge. From here, visitors can panoramic busiest trading. On the shore are the stalls selling souvenirs, fruit, bottom boat channel are selling food. The market is very clean, no rubbish.


Since ancient times, the floating market is a market popular form of Thai people in wetland. Their homes are usually stored on the river and moved mainly by boat. Goods are transported on a small boat with all kinds of colorful items like the typical local dishes, sausages, kebabs, grilled fresh seafood …


Fair visitors can also visit the motorboat, sightseeing on the river trade, enjoy the cool breeze. Tourists walk after exploring the market often stays there with the stairs or the riverside restaurants to feel the rhythm of life on both sides.


To Amphawa floating market, affable attitude and friendly smile of the main selling points is the appeal of this mobile stalls.


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