Thailand tourist village on the hill watching the beautiful tea scene


Ban Rak Thai is the name of the village of Chinese living in the northern mountains of Thailand. This village is situated at an altitude of 1,776 m above sea level.


Here there are more than 1,000 Chinese people live, mainly in tea cultivation and processing.


Mountain landscape, charming river scenery picturesque village of Ban Rak Thai’s made many tourists spellbound.


The small house, located right on the beautiful tea plantation is inhabited by Chinese families exiled from multiple generations in Ban Rak Thai.


Tourists can enjoy the taste of tea sitting area’s famous at the bar of the Chinese style.


Or buy as a gift in the nice little shops like this.


Relatively isolated villages and mainly speak Mandarin, only a small number of young people speak Thai.


To get here, you can choose routes to Chiang Mai and then continue traveling by bus (it takes about 5-6 hours) to Mae Hong Son province, bordering Thailand – Myanmar, along the road will be much sightseeing spots scenic. Or from Chiang Mai Flight takes 30 minutes to Mae Hong Son. Ban Rak Thai is just about 44 km from Mae Hong Son.


Ban Rak Thai from life separate from the noisy and modern.


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