Tourism Thailand Pranang dynamic discovery and mysterious lingam

As a reward for curiosity, I’ve found the secret Pranang in a bright autumn night when the rain leaves remaining on the forest and saw the soul of this land sacred.


Pranang, a name that sounds very close but so far away, almost immediately after the summit because in front alone, far from having to rent a train to go to the play …

Tourism Authority of Thailand, the night on the island of Railay – Krabi loud rain. West Coast has no sunset and then drenched the East Coast, white rain all roads lead the way between the bars and snack bar. From the rooms overlooking the outdoor evening thunders, rain poured down from eaves relentless, crowd flashed green water, I opened the box goes into the village looking to buy a packet of instant noodles.


The rain has not stopped when it became morning. I opened the clock, less than 6:00. I have not set foot island one side, where the map of the island protected with path up the mountain, to the station to see the scene promising Railay East and West coasts with two curved like Chanel brand logo, beautiful and proud sign.

There are also a few people walked along the trail towards the southeast island. Drama has a tree path signposted. I continue to go round to the west, wondering if could find the way to the top, is it possible to find a lake located between the jungle acres?

The path along the cliff and the dynamic range is quite large pit with a wealth of pendulous stalactites still dewy night, one that does not, there are two long-tailed squirrels chatter climb over the fence, climb some trees yoke chasing each other and hidden behind the leaves.

Quiet trails. Big cliff obscuring light trails turn become vague, the main thing I did was timid footsteps …

But then, at the end of the path, the secret Pranang was opened …

In front of me is a small sea area extremely beautiful in the morning. Tide to reveal a sandy beach and the gentle arc of fine white.
Two beach first two peaks protrude like a full embrace, the front is rocky islands dotting the bay, like a breakwater wall, giving Pranang one seems quite discreet, private and isolated from the outside world.
No dawn, but the sun had climbed quite high. On the beach only two Chinese tourists were performing yoga postures and self-shooting. A group of three people walking waterfront, unhurried and just to the northwest, where just pass another cliff alone is already on to my hotel.
But he shook his head young man sure can not go on Railay West Coast is, I am compelled to go back to using the old path.
I see lovers holding hands walk together on the beach Pranang. They looked not seem to be the only guests of the resort on the shores of Pranang – Rayavadee Premier, the resort has two sea, a direction and a direction Pranang Railay East Coast.
A first visit to Railay girls are jogging alone, I know that when she last talked to a local couple who find their way while trying to climb the observation and seek the jungle lake.
When to give up because the only way is only hiking with guides, her curiosity going into the cave, clinging to ledges and climb the high cliffs, overlooking the bay towards the eye and I find peace yen in action.


I hid under the cool palate, fine sand caressed under the heel, listen to the waves whispering lightly sand bucket. Vom cave stalactites hang down pieces, tangled vines wrapped around.
I often see the beautiful scenery on the beach dreaming over the network, so, right now I do not seem to dare to believe you’re really admire a gentle and dreamy Pranang to myth.
Surely the Government sunset purple robes on the bay, Pranang will become the most beautiful princess in the world.

Pranang Cave and the mysterious lingam
Pranang in legend is the name of an Indian princess, who died in a shipwreck, and her spirits were residing in a cave on the beach.
In another legend, Pranang simply the wife of a fisherman sailing on forever, then she has to live the rest of his life in a cave to wait for her husband. The cave was named as Pranang.

With more visitors, perhaps they want to Railay island in general or in particular Pranang beach for sunbathing, lying on the sand listening to the waves singing, relaxing and sleeping in the middle of the quiet and privacy, confidential knife.
But then many of them would also like my surprise, seeing the soul of the land where sacred Pranang action.
Janitors resort’s Rayavadee Premier told me: If you drop down to the sea Krabi Linga a wooden mascot, whether at sea anywhere in Krabi, the mascot was last Linga will still come back to work Pranang …


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