Travel tips to Krabi, Thailand

Krabi is a destination easy, convenient and retains many unspoiled beauty of Thailand. It was not crowded as Phuket, Koh Samui or expensive like.
As one of the southern provinces of Thailand, Krabi is located along the Andaman coast and 814 km from Bangkok. From the capital, you take about 1h20 minutes by airplane or bus more than 11 hours in long distance to get to Krabi.


Time to visit

About the best time to go to Krabi is from mid-November to April the following year.

Vehicles: Bangkok – Krabi

If you choose to go to another company, you will meet at the international airport Suvanabhumi. Flight to Bangkok – Krabi, you will go to Don Muang free bus between the airport when the plane ticket. Distance of about 30 km, travel time between the two airports by bus rather slowly, from 1 to 3 hours, depending on traffic density. Thailand or stuck in traffic, so when booking connecting flights you remember the time suitable for farming do not miss your flight.

If you ride the bus to Krabi bus station station comes in the southern city of Bangkok (Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal). Every day there are many buses from Bangkok to Krabi serve the needs of travelers.


Krabi airport, has a shuttle bus (bus feeder rotation), bus ticket bookings 105,000 contract to run more than 20 km along the beach of Ao Nang. Hotels or dormitories dorm here will be cheaper, not in the center of Krabi. You remember to make reservations, if the delay is to rent lease price will be higher soon.



At the two airports in Thailand Magic diner food, this restaurant is for employees of the airport should eat fewer tourists know, in this very diverse cuisine, delicious, but cheaper.

At Suvanabhumi pitch, after a plane, first floor, to the gate 8 is seen Magic Food, next to the elevator leading to Bangkok Airport Railink straight. Don Muang pitch after landing on the ground floor, right off the exit gate, walk out to the parking lot is next to Family Mart.

At Ao Nang you should rent a motorbike (also rents motorbikes in Vietnam equivalent of about 150000-200000 VND) running around looking for local eatery would be cheaper.



In Krabi, you can book tours traveling by canoe largest island, sitting on the sun deck but slightly interesting. Book in advance by email in Vietnam. There are plenty of tour prices vary, the quality depends on the price you choose. Also many companies for timber ships you go slow or no lunch or reduced playing time.

From Krabi you also book the tour: Phi Phi, Hong Island, 4 Islands, Phang Nga Bay. Should tour Phi Phi and Hong Island tour over 4 islands, for two this tour also gives you essentially go 3-4 over islands and beautiful beaches. Phang Nga Bay, the slightly higher price depending on the season and the new walk.


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