Bangkok Dream World travel experiences

Dream World is an amusement park for families with children. If you’re traveling with your family, make sure not to be missed Dream World. This is a play similar to the American theme parks, gardens and fairytale divided into Fantasyland, Adventureland adventure, and especially the show “Hollywood action” …

Opening hours: 10:00 to 17:00 every day
Tickets: 450 baht or 687 baht and includes buffet lunch at the hotel shuttle.


Guide go to Bangkok Dream World Alliance

Don Muong DW Airport. Can take a bus from the bus station or Victoria Monument Morchit or take the train from the station Hualamphong. The distance from the center go DW 40 – 50km.

You can start the car 538 from Victory Monument station (but this is a long wait at the Victory Monument and the bus has 4 corners + 1 block thick-Special shopping so if you can not mastered very easily confused). It suits if you have good health and can manage to walk by.

If you travel with young children and families who value, it is best to catch taxi (around 300-400 Bath). Play at Dreamworld happy if go east, go 2 people, the more the flu, all the games. Finished playing the range 4 hours – 5 pm you go out the gate with a few vans (minibus 16 seats) parked on the right, you asked about the car prices and Victory Monument. Price 40 Baht / person, very cheap & quality vehicles.

Buy tickets to play Dream World where?

You can Book tickets on the site lot cheaper than book at the Travel Agency, with their wide variety of choice. If you go east (in the family), then the book kind Entrance Ticket + Snow + Buffet Lunch + 4D Adventure Town + Roundtrip Transfer (The Roundtrip Transfer Tour Join this mandatory if few people go, book as soon as possible), The total damage all around 510 baht that spot.

Bangkok Dream World travel experiences


If time travel by taxi, it should prepare drinking water, plastic bags, travel sickness pills before going for Taxis go very fast, long distance & many passages crabs, shock, extremely hangover in people.
Snow Town should go because skiing + photography, make sure kids would love it. Here is -4 degrees C temperature, you should prepare before gloves & towels for everyone because they just found themselves 1 + 1 wind jacket boots, cold hands went numb and will not play for long here.
Dream Adventure in 4D strange world, content is easy to understand whether in Thai, as well as one seat in Dreamworld extremely so, certainly one well liked here because it makes very real effects.
You should go early morning, about 10g comes is fine, playing 1-2 hours to get there and then visit the Food Pavilion lunch. There was nothing more, rice, chicken, pasta meatballs fake tea, but very spacious eat & seats cool.
Booking through Hotels2thailand, about 8:30 – 9am is tour to pick their car, going from 45-60 mins then to DW. At around 3.30pm the tour vehicle to catch on.

Dream World Tour go on Sunday, I set before 2 day supply of ph in Thai. After your tour, you can call to ask in Hotel2thailand address her hotel. As in Thailand, so I do not like when printed sheets travel bookings Siam Ocean World, I have mail for you Hotel2thailand, í said that you need in order to give the Hotel2thailand Dream World, but not required.

9am Sunday morning right of Hotel2thailand Somebody saw us welcome (4 people). Then they gathered in one place the hotel again, there is a 3-person family. Grabbed his day come back as 7 people sitting on large, 1 car with 12 seats.

After arriving at Dream World, his booking sheet key (thanks in at the hotel), but they did not take. They confirm what is her hotel, where tour, then for the paste to coat. Each group 1 number (eg, 4 of them brought his group of 329).

Their preset tour shows guests are offered the same, but with different colors. For example, your purchase of the game, the Snow Town, except per eating it with some blue paper. And who buy less then other colors. Such color to the manager knows a guest game get to play all the games or restricted.

In general, I think that this tour of Hotel2thailand buy cheap, because if do not buy all the entrance and nothing like a new game buyers are even more expensive than buying the ticket fare.

Dream World to Don Meung => Thai Taxi lately he does not run the meter both => purchase package is best to go on.


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