Eat Play in Pattaya – What to do in 3 days and 2 nights?

Thailand has many famous tourist city, and is a popular destination of Pattaya. Most of the first time you are planning to go to Thailand visit this beautiful coastal city. The following article will suggest 3 day 2 night schedule in Pataya Food Play from Bangkok. In addition the article also points to share food and drink, sleep needed for the trip. Hope you have more information to build their own travel plans.

In addition to the new information in this update, you should also refer to the detailed Experiences Pattaya Tourism through the article:



Book hotel room

You should book hotels in advance through (besides adding page is also quite good, there could be the ticket put into the play area or the Thai side show).

After learning a lot, I decided to Eastiny Seven Hotel is located on Soi 7, Pattaya Beach Road, Central Pattaya area for 600k / 1 room 2 people. Soi 7 very busy and bustling at night with all the bars, hotels themselves in quite spacious, with swimming pool, friendly staff. However the downside is only wifi in the reception area, if you want to use wifi in separate rooms, they must take charge.

Also along Pattaya Beach you can choose from a lot of other hotels to affordable and good quality, a range of 300 – 500k as Queen Pattaya, Sunshine, Eastiny Inn, … According to me you should make a reservation at Beach Road , with slightly higher price but a little more convenient for travel as Second Road and Third Road. If you prefer quiet space, please make a reservation in the North Pattaya or Jomtien, and the excitement is in the Central or South Pattaya offline!


And if any more conditions, then you can refer to the hotel from 4 stars or more as the Grand Bella, At Mind Serviced, Areca Lodge, … also very affordable prices for more than 1 million / 1dem but enjoy VIP services such as buffet breakfast, transfer to Bangkok, …

In addition you can also refer to a number of hotels are all pretty good go of assessment:

Tune Hotel Pattaya, 255/7 Moo 9 Pattaya address Sai 2 road (wrong song 2) near the playground at night, went to see the show and a 5 minute walk from the beach road, near Big C, Central center and near the hospital international (in the Tune hotel Pattaya rates cheaper Tune hotel Bangkok, Pattaya is generally cheaper to eat and Bangkok). Tune Hotel Pattaya view room rates here
Royal Palace Hotel 215 Moo 10, Pattaya 2nd Road Nongprue Banglamung, Chonburi, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand 20260. 3 star hotel but comfortable spacious rooms, equivalent to 4 stars. Details room rates you see here
Royal Twins Hotel 223, Moo 10, Pattaya 2nd Road, Nong Prue, Central Pattaya, Pattaya, Thailand 20 260 Asia Pattaya
Refer to the other hotels in Pattaya here.

Up a specific plan


This work always helps your trip better place and more enjoyable. Before going I had earned a map Pattaya, or buy the book Lonely Planet Thailand had plenty of useful information), find out the attractions, delicious food, and prepared a schedule in English.

And if there is not much time to prepare, by reference to this schedule of yourselves!

Schedule hints Eat Play 3 days 2 nights in Pattaya

Day 1 (Bangkok – Pattaya)

Because the first time to Thailand, people heard the customs rumored that party or by intimidating should at entry also a bit nervous, but then things quickly and extremely simple, Thai police she smiled warmly and not ask her anything ^ ^

After baggage claim procedures and then you go down finished the 1st floor of the airport and find the door number 8 then, immediately after that will see the ticket office always go straight to Pattaya.


The fare is 130 baht (~ 90k), driving for hours from 7 am to 10 pm (longer if you want to go straight to the hotel, the fare is 230 baht, the ride of the car Bell). Although airport at 13h and procedures fairly quickly, but I still could not buy tickets visit 14h, 15h had to ride. In the meantime you can go sightseeing around the airport or enlist catch wifi surf the web, check ^ ^ face

Airports have wifi free but must be logged in to your account to be, you do not have to go around to ask him some employees pass wifi then, they do not know how you respond to it. At the airport there are many trees information automatically, you go there will have all the information about the frequency of Bangkok and the airport, including logging wifi.

Going from 15h, 17h is his range available in Pattaya, along Sukhumvit car, will stop at 4 points North Pattaya, Central Pattaya, South Pattaya and Thappraya Road (Jomtien area), depending hotel does occupy parks measuring point. (Note 2 flights delayed at the airport starting at 21h and 22h only stop in North Pattaya)

Down at Central Pattaya, go to Central City Road is seen. That day people are crossing roads should not be right in that place, had to walk up a piece, some of his taxi ride to the hotel solicited for 100 baht but unfortunately I did not find out before going for Pattaya has car songthaew (live up to) come only every 10 baht only!

Songthaew looks truck (other than tuk tuk in Bangkok), the main public transport in Pattaya, a charge of this car is also very simple, every time I turn is 10 baht, so if you know the way you can songthaew stroll around Pattaya travel very cheaply. Just go straight to Central Pattaya Beach Road, all 10 baht songthaew. The hotel is located in Soi 7 his book, right nearby. After the first check in the job is walking the sea and seek food ^ ^

bars and souvenir stalls, tattoo services here also attract a lot of tourists. Its pretty hungry at that time because from just eating a little light on the plane so I just pay attention to eating only ^^. City where cuisine is considered here as South Pattaya Road. His first dish to try is Somtum.

Also go through the intersection of South Pattaya Road and Second will see a little bit pretty crowded market, selling all kinds of seafood, baked goods, snacks to fruit street, you can get there to enjoy the specialties of Pattaya. I saw barbeque in Pattaya and Thailand in particular are generally very diverse as salt baked carp, snakehead fish baked, grilled shrimp, grilled squid, grilled scorpions, skewer meat of all kinds, but also an affordable price. Or to warm your belly and rice dishes can enjoy barbecue at just 40 baht, well okay.

After feasting in South Pattaya, it was already getting dark, I began to walk to Walking Street, Pattaya’s entertainment focus. Walk along this street is bustling bars with sexy girls or people who do magic. There are many sidewalk food here anymore. Overall, I was not too impressed with this street too, if compared to the Khao San Road in Bangkok. But then you came to Pattaya should also look at the said ^^

Day 2 (Visit Koh Larn Island)

If you have more time to visit the island of Koh Larn go, the marina lies at the end of Walking Street, the ticket price is only 30 baht to the island alone, an average of 1 to 2 hours trip, as early as 7 am, later than 18:30. Information on hours by train you see here:

Day 3 (Pattaya – Bangkok)

Traffic in Thailand as opposed to their side, they come with a very fast pace as well so I was initially a little corn hole and saw more dangerous time. Let’s go to the North Pattaya, where an atmosphere of the city neat and more orderly. Second Road around more and Third Road and Sukhumvit both main streets. Along Sukhumvit Street has a lot of cool stuff like Muay Thai ring performances and Under Water World Aquarium, aquarium admission prices for adults is 500 baht and 300 baht for children, yourself, sir, not only on the past, to make is the same in Times City ^^. Finally his car back to Beach Road pay schedule for short visits Thailand should his plan is always to return to Bangkok early afternoon. And a few more places in Pattaya that I wanted to but had an appointment later this occasion!


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