Hotels in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Chiang Mai has many motels fairly cheap price, suitable for all audiences. The city does not have many tall buildings, often low-rise motels and close to nature. Evening in Bangkok, Chiang Mai is cooler, so you do not necessarily get conditioned room. Some motels hotels in Chiang Mai that I go good reviews.

7 Century Guest House

Ddia only at 270 Ratchaphakhinai, phone 66.53287541 or +66.814388175. Motels for check out at 12pm. Reference Room rates: 2 twin 150 baht, 250 baht room three beds. Single can be a bit moldy due to poor drainage and ventilation. There is a full hot and cold and the free wifi. To make a reservation and check the exact price you see here.

Hotels B.R, located at Morakot Road, phone 66.53220061. The hotel looks quite simple but cozy style of Thai people. Here comes the fan room and air-conditioned rooms. Conditioned rooms with flat 299 baht and a small balcony, very suitable for hot or humid days. The hotel does not have WiFi, drawback: the closest place to catch live the Kad Suan public Kaew is near Mall, which is about 1 km, but if you rent a motorbike to get around the problem is not related in. In addition the hotel is also close Hasadhisawee crossroads where many delicious and cheap food stalls in the evening. Another disadvantage is that the staff speak English poorly.

Bed and Terrace Guest House at 10 Kotchasarn, +66.53449708 phone, email: Motels modern Thai style and features a rooftop terrace, quite airy rooms with panoramic windows overlooking the mountain. Prices range from 450 baht. Specifically on the price you can check over at Agoda.

FWD House Hostel (Dorm bedrooms, 10 single beds). Address at 78 Ratchamanka (4.3 km from the airport, and 4.5 km from the train station, 5 km from the bus station). Contact: 66.826233349. The advantage is a 10-minute walk to the main temples in Chiang Mai, a minute walk to Souk Sunday night. The staff is friendly and the owners make you feel at home. Prices fluctuate at around 180 baht. Hostel often crowded tourist season, you should check in advance and book a room here.


Giant Guest House 1 & 2

Address 24/1 Moon Muang (Giant 1), and Giant 2 is number 4 Rachamanka. Contact phone 66871821611, e-mail: Room prices are cheap, hot and cold rooms, free WiFi, free bikes, free country. You can put all the services here, rates are listed at the gate lodge. Dorm rooms cost about 100bth, single rooms share bathroom fan is 180 baht, 250 baht room is double bed. The hostel also monthly rental cost of 3,500 baht for a single room with a fan and a shared bathroom (1 person).

Green Tulip Guest House

Address at 18 Samlan Rd, phone Especially as the hostel has a rooftop garden, with Internet services, and big screen TV in the lobby. The lodge is decorated and designed with wooden floors, looks pretty impressive. There is even room fans and room air conditioners, the price fluctuated between 250-650 baht. Information about rates and availability sport you survey AGODA site.

Also you can refer to other lodge room rates in Chiang Mai at Agoda site for more comparable in terms of quality and service.


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