Safari World Bangkok travel experiences in Thailand

Safari World Bangkok is an attractive destination not to be missed when in Bangkok Thailand. If you travel with your family and have children, then surely you will have to look at here for the children can participate in exciting games, learn the animals around the world. And to have a great trip and successful Safari you can consult through our travel experiences.


Safari travel experiences self (T9 / 2013)


Buying on the printed voucher Hotels2Thailand carry out the ticket counter right to change ticket Safari.
Mineral water: because certain needs, at least each person 1chai. It was hot too, bought in safari is 25B / 10B bottles have also 7-11chi.
Beach / hats: sun to die.

Safari World Bangkok taxi pickup

Now type:

I took a taxi meter away from BTS Nana Safari, go highway 40B + 180B = 220B. In fact the original intent of the abdomen is 350B / one body, while paying you not believe my eyes. The path is quite far, no traffic light traffic (starting at 10g children), about 30p to place. I have a tip for taxi uncle because the attention meek, also helped me earn more toilet halfway.
Actually, at first refused to go first pickup meter but when it saw you holding a voucher of Hotels2Thailand it not stand to go again. It bluntly “you buy tickets I go, you do not buy tickets I do not go”. Probably taxi will be divided commission. So she went to see a few taxis gentle, honest, then tip them one bit ah.
My experience as a taxi driver picking sage sage elders, sick sick, Thailand looks rather choose his few shark shark Indian varieties.
At about:

I always catch a taxi at the gate, and highway 40B + 230B (more traffic) = 270B. But finding a taxi is one joke. The driver did not have to turn on meter first, I’m going to ask to be on the 2nd car meter but said she faces 150B highway money. Morning I go through highway toll booths explicitly 40B table 4 seats, so I said do not go, again asked another car.
Long lines connecting raw beans after another taxi, the driver acquainted few out so each time you pay the price as the crowd gathers round to speak Thai, something like a “meter it goes there, you have to carry it?” , also slightly annoyed bothered. A group of drivers is the same in both paid the price, with an agreement with you always. What is “crowded traffic, going highway 40B morning but now the new 150B highway to go about it.” Certain I refused because “I go there 40B morning ah”. 1 in their contract period subject “Ok, you take highway 50B money offline”. Mah ultimately taxi back to the first sitting. (This point I see gay people Caring state, before there later, give each other that make a living).
Now through toll booths, remains board 40B 4-wheel vehicles, I intentionally put banknotes rot 50B see one again? He received money rot 10B drivers look at me hesitantly, ultimately bring change for you !!! About to BTS Nana, find taxi less money, so I give back the money that 10B + tip for the driver anymore. They also found honesty …
Actually, when you think about not much he ate taxi highway money where they want to go the whole mah by highway, over 2.3 means charging station so they say highway is 150B (with millet make up a little ). Because I only agreed to after the last 50B 1 highway toll station, I saw the taxi turned off the highway. At the road often, you see on the highway first. This is the time when a new major traffic jams NEH, in broken fragments in broken fragments ~ _ ~ !!!

Entrance ticket exchange

The driver took you no time to go to the ticket counter always (remember correctly, the dial 3). To which they have a list of ticket buyers from H2T then, given the distinctive voucher is to make the distinctive instant wealth. 1 pax includes: Sticker on mineral coating Marine Park Safari Park ticket + ticket + buffet lunch.
From the ticket booth, turn left into Marine Park Entrance port. Turn right where the car sat waiting for Coach Bus Tours Safari Park.
Now buyers are found for Show schedule map, borrowed one paper clip to press the adhesive 2 offline. Research done starting soaking the Show Schedule.

SAFARI PARK: open 9am – 1630


This area is no walk mah required to ride on. Now they sit in the car, prohibited open to flounder …. There are two ways one is to hire a taxi, buy Coach Bus 30B 2 / person.
Coach Safari Time Table: 9:15; 9:30; 9:45 (Feeding Show); 10:00; 10:30; 12:15; 12:30; 12:45; 13:15; 13:45; 14:30; 15:00; 15:30; 16:00; 16:30.

I buy when I go to visit the Bus Coach Safari, but think of it, should not 1 / because its bus sat slightly dirty dirty old car with rancid. 2 / If not enough to mah h, the car passenger wait lingered new 5,10p run. 3 / I mah boarding to sit late, late. 4 / Vehicles running in the Park also co stopped shooting yourself but if you like a taxi then stopped at any time, as long as.
Go 1.2 people sat Coach Bus travel savings but 3.4 people should hail a taxi. And who does not like waste time waiting for a taxi that yell, quick quick. I think people take a taxi arranged to visit the Safari finished, turned straight to the hotel to stay, so to save money not being charge 35B is open again.
Above is the detailed experience Safari World Bangkok. To book a Safari tour with cheap and convenient you can view information and reservations via:


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