Tour from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiangmai to Chiang Mai travel
From Chiang Mai you can combine or go Chiang Rai Pai. About Chiang Rai is very rewarding because at landmarks including the Golden Triangle, Khun Wat Rong – White Pagoda, the village of Long Neck Karen ethnic people and many other unique temple. I’ll write an article about Chiang Rai later.

Padung Village, the village of Long Neck Karen people


Chiang Dao Cave you continue the journey up the mountain to visit the village where ethnic Padung Long Neck Karen live. The women wear brass rings around the neck, wrists and ankles as part of their culture. The visit will help you learn about the people of ethnic minorities in the north of Thailand. You can also buy one couple bracelets as souvenirs, a move to help the minority here.

Some travel funding estimates

Car rental treadmill 200bath / 1 day
Play Jungle Flight is 2400bath
Chiangmai Zoo money on: 100bath / person
Cash on winter palace on Doi Suthep: 50bath / person.
Thai sim Purchases: 100bath
Tuk tuk money goes: 75bath / person
If you go to the festival, drop some money for night lights festival: 120-150bath (30bath / small and 40bath lamps / lights candles bonus to size)
Laundry Money Map: 65 baht / 1.5kg
The other personal expenditures.


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