Tourism Thailand Krabi Ao Nang

Krabi is one of the southern provinces of Thailand, located along the Andaman coast and 814km from Bangkok. Flight from Bangkok airport to take 1 hour 20 minutes to Krabi. If going by car, about 11 to 12 hours. Phuket Krabi property bordered by sea, from Krabi to Phuket about 2 hours by ship. If you are a travel enthusiast is sure to go Sea Phuket and Krabi both. Although not as famous Krabi Phuket, Krabi so quiet and less tourist than an attractive thing for those who do not like the hustle and bustle. Moreover Krabi but also long and beautiful beaches, the island has many beaches with clear blue and clean. Also from Krabi you can also come to the beautiful islands such as Ko Phi Phi Lee and Phi Phi Don, the distance away from Phuket similar.


Krabi travel to most people will stay at Ao Nang Beach, a beautiful beach with the romantic scene. From this beach you can buy tours to Phi Phi island by speedboat, or the adventure tours such as mountain climbing or scuba diving in Leh Rei. In addition you can also rent a motorbike run around, explore the beaches here.

Go to Krabi

From Bangkok to Krabi there are 2 ways to fly and ride the bus.

With air, you can choose the airline, such as Thai Airways, Air Asia or Nok Air. With AirAsia’s always more promotion, you should follow up on its Web site to update promotional information. Although quite comfortable in Thai bus, but if booked cheap airfares will help you a lot more tired.

Airports in Krabi is Krabi International Airport, from the airport, you will catch a taxi or other means to enter the city center (about 15km) from the airport is 40 km away Ao Nang. Prices go live by from the airport to Ao nang about 50bath / person, with a time of about 1.5 hours.


With a bus from Bangkok to Krabi

Krabi bus station starting at the city bus station south of Bangkok (Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal – +66.24351199). About 12 hours of new vehicles to Krabi. Everyday there are buses vegetarian, with the car class as: VIP bus (19h, 19h30 – 24 seats), and the second class (20h – 50 seats). Many to choose from thanks to the hotel reception to buy tickets, because from the center out pretty far south bus station. Now your car can be found here:

In addition to convenient than if you were at the hotel in Bangkok, you can ask the front desk to buy tickets to go to Krabi. Thai bus get good reviews. Krabi ride in the car with toilet, 2-storey car types, along the way have found mineral water and pastries. You should be aware hour drive and the station before driving about 20-30 minutes offline.

When to Krabi bus station, you can catch a ride minivan hotel in Krabi center for about 150bth / person. Or go to Ao nang minivan always with the same price.

A small note when 2 stories Bus vehicles in Thailand, you should not choose seats behind the staircase, in this location would uncomfortable seat leg room by stenosis.


What’s playing in Krabi

In Krabi town. You should go to a convenient car rental. If you like hiking the Tiger Cave Temple should go, very interesting, above peaks can view all krabi. This is also the most famous temple in southern Thailand, up to the summit you can admire a large Buddha statue, and tiger footprints, called the Temple origin. Furthermore you can go long tail on the Krabi River, as well as many other places starting from the river pier.

In Ao Nang

Nopparat Thara Beach: a picturesque beach on the western tip of Ao Nang, is planned as a national park. When the tide is low, you can walk to some craggy limestone islands nearby. However if you go to buy milk, you should talk to the locals before wading walk to the island beach. Able to Nopparat Thara beach by motorcycle, to which you go up and assured car is not lost.

Hotels inKrabi town

You should stay at Hometel hotel, room rates VND 550,000. Room 3 is quite large, with bacony, not including breakfast. Very good location, next to the night market. If booking with breakfast is a little higher price. Check rates Hometel here

Assessment and review hotels in Krabi no more. You can see more hotels in Krabi reputable booking site

Tour from Krabi


From Krabi you can easily buy the tour visits the island of Phi Phi. Should walk through tour agents in Ao Nang to explore and have good prices. Buy at hotels and resorts, it will be higher than outside. But by comparison, you should review carefully the conditions detailed account of each tour including meals, shuttles, accompanying services. There will be a number of different types of tours: Phiphi tour, Krabi Hong island or island tour 4 (highway going canoes or longtail). The majority of the highway going canoes, canoe run when you should stand rather than sit, because when running somewhat shocking.


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