Some essential Thailand experience

tải xuống (1)

Prepare clothes: the men at the clothes you go for the Thai summer is very hot, and make room in the suitcase to buy things on (if it is to go Shopping), how is the most comfortable to wear, while sales Thais very friendly, easy-going evaluation through clothing unless people go to meetings, work, into the sanctuary as the temple, the royal palace. Should have a hat, sun umbrella at the time because of the rain.
Prepare Footwear: mainly shoes / sandals to walk, if only to wear high heels to wear one pair posing for photos at scenic places like the palace … the rest walk. What sometimes best if you want to quit coming to Thailand carried away to buy new pair finished using always double throw old, the new map used freely.
If proper tour “shopping” should be self go, even if you like to tour “sightseeing” tour should follow the travel agency because they care for their initiative and arrange everything tight time so visitors can go a lot of places, but you take the tour will be very tired and hurried as campaigns go marching, no time shopping. For women that love to go shopping, you should self-sufficient, it will go a lot and like to stay when they leave.
Me get a free map at the airport found the doorway.
The last months of the year, in June, or massive price cuts, down 50-70% so comfortable screw region. Biggest sale before Christmas.
The morning before, remember look at 7-Eleven to buy 1 bottle of mineral water, loud, cheap and kept me going a lot of walking long way. If you need to buy anything, on the 7-Eleven.

It attractive to Thai food shopping and restaurant, Thai food does not taste very different from the taste of Vietnamese, only slightly spicy at all.
Go to the market should not put money in people prone to theft belly squeeze.
Buy invoices to remember refund procedures to the airport himself VAT demanded money.
Thai people are very warm, but also the art of haggling very high skill, when you remember the question the price paid by the word “Pleaseeeeeeee!” Then, would be more effective there.
Consider leaving your passport, airline tickets, important papers in the hotel safebox, who brought copies only. Where, too, especially a crowded market carefully money.
Out of the center should carry the address in Thai hotels and for the people in the suburbs around the very few people know English, including taxi drivers. And remember to bring cash outskirts bath because almost no spot foreign exchange.
Ask your hotel for the event of the week, missed with what measure then goes regarded exhibition, sometimes buy beautiful items.
Notes to the Grand Palace, he just stopped tuk tuk, had huge fat one penetrating her back, put her 1 package corn pile, told the pigeon drop feed and protect photographic, sure ok ok mouth every venture. Many fooled here, at first full of people see pigeons enjoyed, drop the bag 3-4 bored, then she returned for edible bird on his next start. By the end she counted 50 THB / bag, 5 bag is 250 THB, fainting always.
49baht sim 3g / day of dtac buy tourist happy 299baht / 3g 1 week + 88 baht in the account. You want to buy the seven 11 yet also of all, remember it clear as international calling cards.
Take the tour, there is not much time to shop anywhere in Pattaya, Bangkok and buy many more items.


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