Some problem in Thailand airport you should remember

VAT refund counters are easy to find, located next to the Thai Airways, if not clear you can ask airport staff.

When you go shopping remember to bring your passport, ask yourself one female employee tax refund declaration form (form PP10). Enter the name and passport number and other information and then put their stamp on. When carrying out the airport through one box to seal the confirmation and receiving cash, then carry out another 1 box to the field of money.

When the airport BEFORE you go through immigration, you have to go to a check (completed the new customs tax refund to be parks, at the procedures they must let them know you have what every tax refund, there’s will start its open to check for correct)
Done immigration then it goes very in duty free refund money only.
Remember numerous dental check before, because there will not out again.
Buying items at wholesale market, there is no tax refund, only the big mall (big C, Robinson, Central, Siam Paragon, Siam Center …) a new 7% tax refund for tourists, each invoice should THB 100 charge to every bill 6,000THB or older must be worth a refund.
If access to the flight times, they may fill in the form of tax refund and left an envelope, drop it in the mail, after completing employees will transfer about yourself. This is so rare to hear anyway, but I thought it was a rule, it would perform alone.
On top of an airport you should also take the first information leaflets on reimbursement, read on to know the procedure but also implemented.


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