Transfer from Phuket airport to city center

Tourism Authority of Thailand Phuket attractive destination. This is a popular tourist destination Beach, sea blue and clean. Some beautiful destinations such as Phi Phi Island, Maya Beach, Phang Nga, or unique Fantasea show. To go to Phuket you should read the following information useful.

Bus ride from Bangkok to Phuket

Go bus, it takes more than 12 hours, most of the provincial bus is 2-storey bus, looking very clean, attentive service, tickets are sold through ThaiExpress system. Selling prices depending prices, quality vehicles, ranging from about 500 baht or more. Minus point of this bus is that it goes straight to the bus station passengers Phuket, Phuket Patong goes to the center, you have to add 400baht, too expensive tickets from Bangkok to Phuket.

Travel from the airport to the center of Phu Ket

From Phuket airport to the center of 3 ways:

Private transfer: 700 Bath / 4th place. Going east, it goes something like this to health
Minivan: 150 Bath / 1 guest / Patong Beach. But if you want to go to Kata or Karon, it takes 180 Bath / 1khach. Down the airport is to have this service shortly. If you go at people (level 2) then go for cheaper ones. Trucks you till the hotel. In the time away will ders by paying guests, time is about 1:30 minutes to arrive. Car also stopped its main office to sell the tickets and tours. You should place the car always in here, please. Note: Afternoon opposite Patong – the airport, the price of the car at the airport 180Bath because the state of the company, also in Patong should be more expensive private.

tải xuống.jpg

Taxi: 550 Bath / Patong Beach, 650 Bath / Kata, Karong Beach. Take a taxi is faster, range 40-60 minutes to arrive. Be sure to ask the price before boarding and to ask the airport fee (100 baht) was not included. 550 bath is included and that the physician.

Airport Bus (car of the airport): 85 Bath / 1 guest. Go this one’s a little bit complicated. First, the time it does not coincide with your flight. Monday: car not carrying her until the hotel. Car just stopped in Phuket Town, I have to go to the hotel. This is an opportunity for taxi tight guillotine. Third: you have to know how to stop at the station. The hotel is located near the station closest themselves. Its last trip is 6:50 PM. Phuket Road 1-way street, there are many, sometimes very close, just 5-10 minute walk, but if you take a taxi, it transported very far. This method is suitable only for what you have your health, know the way, a good direction to avoid being scammed.
Sim phone, wifi

At Phuket Airport has played a SIM free phone, also wanted to get some of ok. So everyone can get a few, out of money to replace something else offline. After retrieving luggage went out to the gate and saw the table SIM phone (next to Lost & Found crab AirAsia offline), confidently approached the counter just ask and get a SIM (such as leaflets í). Inside there 15baht account, not just online miscellaneous call is enough.

Wifi coverage in Phuket island, but the waves are very weak, it is difficult to spend wifi password temple.


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