What to eat in Bangkok Thailand

Every 3 to 5-star hotels in Bangkok are buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner. But Baiyoke Sky cheap and particularly Rooftop views of the city on the floor by floor 360-degree twist. Baiyoke Sky Hotel International Buffet 4 stars: floors 76-78, all domestic food, especially soup Yen, shasimi, sightseeing, observation deck is free watch 77 and 84 floors worth 400baht.

tải xuống

If shopping at the trade center, the food was always there, with a food or food park town, delicious and healthy and cheap, enough Thai and Western dishes Tau Vietnam, there is always dessert, calculate the average only a few dozen baht / share.

Tom Yam (eat seafood, shrimp or chicken, then according to that call). Me make less spicy, bitter death always forget. If you do not like coconut so sure they are not for coconut water. What you prefer is called Tom Yam sea food Tha Le, who like Tom Yam chicken is called detoxification, someone like Tom Yam Kung shrimp they cried.
The salad (Thai called yam): yam, lotus won, instant vermicelli salad, mixed with sweet and sour sauce, shellfish or pork squid minced with onion, and peppers. A lot of your favorite dishes is the papaya salad, Som Tam called: Som Tam Poo (with the three dimensions) and Som Tam Thai (o There were none), including green papaya and carrot away numerous mortar, pounding it is soft and sweet and sour sauce permeability, peanuts, tomatoes, mini-dish next to the beans (in Thailand they eat raw bean) and eaten with sticky rice or not.
Gun Yam Sen: Thai vermicelli salad, seafood or pork hash option they choose, remember told “no spicy”
Som Tam: Thai papaya salad, tasty, good not remember who called it belly do not miss the countless handcuffed because it seemed alive.
Generally close to Central World, Pratunam … are eateries along the sidewalks. Silom Patpong … otherwise, the multitude of Siam Paragon dining area, including the world’s first food to choose from. Big C has many great dishes, not cheap but delicious, only dish unused Somtam use mango papaya that is special and delicious.

Boats have you been eating tuktuk or taxi to Chinatown. Where delicious seafood fresh, cheap, just a few select bars sold by street vendors. Chinatown is very long, do not be impatient, but choose to eat right. Just go to one paragraph, see, eat reasonably rows. Typical seafood right off the road for a few guests like Vietnam’s Tau restaurant, specially the famous red shirt blue 2 bars next to each other.


Eating grilled fish opposite Big C, front Central World
Delicious mango sticky rice, so should enjoy.
Try dishes oyster omelette (oplet oysters) This dish is also known in Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong again, apparently its origin is Chinese food or star reviews. ChinaTown grabbed went on, peering so its menu if they remember to try oyster omelette offline.
There is time to walk around here can glide through sampling: Thai-Chinese food restaurant on the 3rd floor of MBK Hongmin center, about 100BHT / disk, delicious food at Silom, order types on a hot plate Crispy offline.
Besides, Thailand has several small restaurants in MBK mall or the supermarket strewn everywhere, including:

MK restaurant: sell Chinese food, especially hot pot special MK (shabu shabu seed varieties), you called things like eating (such as vermicelli or noodles, chicken, fish, shrimp, vegetables, etc …. And left countless hotpot).
BBQ restaurant: similar but purely as MK. Also choose dishes to your liking then put on the grill.
Shabushi: hotpot restaurant and sushi conveyor belt, cheap, delicious range 300baht / person.
Sizzler Restaurant: often crowded, not very successful in the US but very successful in Thailand. Stylish is one salad bar, soup includes 4 types (including clam soup Tom Yam cooked and milk, mushroom soup out there outside, onion soup) and many kinds of salad, vegetables, etc. You can choose the salad bar (buffet) 120 THB food prices catch up, in addition to steak, spicy grilled chicken is also delicious.
In addition, there are KFC grilled chicken rice, spicy sour chicken served with hot rice.
Steak House: 6th floor, close to the door to Zen. Sell ​​kinds of beef steak to chicken, fish, pork prices are ok, 1 set 99B is saturated.

Kobune – Japanese restaurant, with boats running out of water carrying food skim my desk, but heard little on going virtual unknown, prices from 30-50B / boat, very tasty and good value for money.

Zen and Isetan Foodcourt party: choose cheaper and more especially the Zen.

Din Tai Fung is a Chinese restaurant only 3 stars in Bangkok, want to have seats, they must arrive early, Xiao Long Bao is the most delicious dishes here. Light oil price is not cheap, tax-range 100B / lane with 10 females.

Sukishi: 1 grilled buffet restaurant and other hot pot, very good prices apparently 329B / day.

BIG C Basement available fruit was peeled away the box (after 8pm discounts up to 50%) is very cheap and tasty (Suggest guava, mango is delicious) … In front of Big C has few carts selling Thai durian, remember to try this out .

Khaosan road: 1 road materials dining, bars, tattoo …


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