Where to shop in Bangkok, Thailand

Senior Area: Siam Paragon (shopping discount brand), Siam Center. Less than 1 bit is at MBK Center and Pratunam Platinum.

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If you take the time to rummage around the neighborhood market or the job will be more beautiful and cheaper furniture is bought at the Centre.
Should go to the market because they meet the evening night very late, then sleep for healthy breakfast for supermarket stores open only from 10 am or 10:30. Or the morning to visit monuments, landscapes, way to go shopping. Just place the subject off sale jump in, especially branded, sometimes socks are very good things.
Carefully advertising sales of jewelry, very sophisticated and ingenious. Many were bought at exorbitant prices, but thought to buy cheap.
Buy clothes: Platinum (The Mall fashion), right next to Pratunam.
Pratunam market: grocery items, but also on market goods also, depending on your choice. Sales did not try, but only sold in very standard size, office furniture and more that beautiful shirt.

Wholesale market: go to Chidlom skytrain and walk to or take a taxi. To go all 5 floors of Platinum with thousands of stalls that will tired and hungry, to noon you can go upstairs on the last 6, in which 1 huge food center, delicious and quite cheap, just buy the cards from their first and go a la carte, they do not eat all your money back in exchange cards for cash. In Vietnam, including dishes there.

Electronics: Pantip Plaza, right next to the Pratunam always.
Cheap ornaments beautiful homes: Chatuchak weekend market, went to skytrain station Mochit, or take a taxi. 1 day round-consuming effort that if, in return sheets pillows, vases, decorative lights, three things  promiscuous calendar for houses is great not because of cheap beyond words. Or Night Bazaar market, it prints massive on the map Bangkok should be assured not afraid not found.
Cosmetics: the mall, saw several cosmetics counters that the purchase itself very well, just do not buy in the market, it is phony items.

Housewares in Big C, but instead choose the Big C opposite Central World, new to this space, ample cargo (Triumph, cosmetics cheaper VN).
Last week, the market Chaktuchak (opened on 7th and Sunday, from 10 am – 6pm), pí lù complex mixed grills, fried lack anything, but cheap too. Please remember newsstand market map, this place is famous for theft. Customers in this market is only fair if one likes every map “Sin” is at those supermarkets to: MBK (3rd floor, 1st floor, 2 more expensive), Tokyu (two are more reasonable price), to co more reason then to Big C, but only a moderate consumer goods alone or Siam Center (terribly expensive here because … full Designer).
MBK center has shops selling clothing for men Alan beautiful, cheap anymore, and that he needed to buy trousers. Level 3 is also cheap to buy jeans, not designer label home.

MBK has Belgian silk carpets sold dirt cheap on the 4th floor, walk around the hallway to find it. This specialized floor interior decorations
If not, then go INDEX weekend for MBK MALL in health, level 4, 5 something, you’ll have one full floor furniture items, buy artificial flowers beautiful, lifelike.
Can take the Skytrain to Nana station and shopping evening ok well done, you go to the skytrain remember a map of the skytrain station system is very easy to follow and easy to find the center of tourism and commerce in Bangkok.
King Power: duty free selling seats to tourists. Just get a taxi is to run to the place alone, near Victory Monument. Or when they get to the airport guide map will have ads in it. You must present a passport at the door and tell them about your flight. You will buy here and they will go straight to the airport for you, just takes no time at the airport and help lose weight luggage. I buy a lot of cosmetics Shisheido, L’Oreal before tour time. People buy watches, glasses, camera, camera brand name here. Cheaper but has assured that genuine goods.
6th Central-dimensional world, full of students selling handmade us very nice, true to say Central World Central World, 2 sides 2 the statue, the only full-rose 1, 1 Full cotton side yellow, very tidy .
Amarin building – opposite Gaysorn building specialized sales for Japanese and Korean brands, in which Amarin Pierre Cardin suits and suitcases, or also declined, even shoes for women anymore Pierre C., which has the size of 35 onwards, go much smoother.

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Thai Beef Calves Market shopping for the women and children. Here many without expensive anyway.
Patpong Night Market brutal bargain, it looks like the whole area west we go, very few Asians, grabbed extremely challenging to say and just like to sell to the West, like Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, should go to the said but did not buy anything. Larcose parody shirt, sure to ask 850 baht, paid $ 100, then to 110, 120 last purchase price of 200 baht.
Go buy cheap, you keep an eye on the counter sale off, and the items they liquidate or close to the camcorder aisle in the supermarket cash register, which is to select some longer want to clear or only a few that do not most worthwhile or date displayed, there will be quite cheap (but do not forget to look cheap ham date)
Buy tights, of paper, of a short neck to mother
Terminal 21 (Asoke station) a meal or just pretty cool shopping, photography.
Asiatique (Chao Phraya River), sightseeing, shopping evenings.


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