Where to shop in Bangkok, Thailand

Senior Area: Siam Paragon (shopping discount brand), Siam Center. Less than 1 bit is at MBK Center and Pratunam Platinum.

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If you take the time to rummage around the neighborhood market or the job will be more beautiful and cheaper furniture is bought at the Centre.
Should go to the market because they meet the evening night very late, then sleep for healthy breakfast for supermarket stores open only from 10 am or 10:30. Or the morning to visit monuments, landscapes, way to go shopping. Just place the subject off sale jump in, especially branded, sometimes socks are very good things.
Carefully advertising sales of jewelry, very sophisticated and ingenious. Many were bought at exorbitant prices, but thought to buy cheap.
Buy clothes: Platinum (The Mall fashion), right next to Pratunam.
Pratunam market: grocery items, but also on market goods also, depending on your choice. Sales did not try, but only sold in very standard size, office furniture and more that beautiful shirt.

Wholesale market: go to Chidlom skytrain and walk to or take a taxi. To go all 5 floors of Platinum with thousands of stalls that will tired and hungry, to noon you can go upstairs on the last 6, in which 1 huge food center, delicious and quite cheap, just buy the cards from their first and go a la carte, they do not eat all your money back in exchange cards for cash. In Vietnam, including dishes there.

Electronics: Pantip Plaza, right next to the Pratunam always.
Cheap ornaments beautiful homes: Chatuchak weekend market, went to skytrain station Mochit, or take a taxi. 1 day round-consuming effort that if, in return sheets pillows, vases, decorative lights, three things  promiscuous calendar for houses is great not because of cheap beyond words. Or Night Bazaar market, it prints massive on the map Bangkok should be assured not afraid not found.
Cosmetics: the mall, saw several cosmetics counters that the purchase itself very well, just do not buy in the market, it is phony items.

Housewares in Big C, but instead choose the Big C opposite Central World, new to this space, ample cargo (Triumph, cosmetics cheaper VN).
Last week, the market Chaktuchak (opened on 7th and Sunday, from 10 am – 6pm), pí lù complex mixed grills, fried lack anything, but cheap too. Please remember newsstand market map, this place is famous for theft. Customers in this market is only fair if one likes every map “Sin” is at those supermarkets to: MBK (3rd floor, 1st floor, 2 more expensive), Tokyu (two are more reasonable price), to co more reason then to Big C, but only a moderate consumer goods alone or Siam Center (terribly expensive here because … full Designer).
MBK center has shops selling clothing for men Alan beautiful, cheap anymore, and that he needed to buy trousers. Level 3 is also cheap to buy jeans, not designer label home.

MBK has Belgian silk carpets sold dirt cheap on the 4th floor, walk around the hallway to find it. This specialized floor interior decorations
If not, then go INDEX weekend for MBK MALL in health, level 4, 5 something, you’ll have one full floor furniture items, buy artificial flowers beautiful, lifelike.
Can take the Skytrain to Nana station and shopping evening ok well done, you go to the skytrain remember a map of the skytrain station system is very easy to follow and easy to find the center of tourism and commerce in Bangkok.
King Power: duty free selling seats to tourists. Just get a taxi is to run to the place alone, near Victory Monument. Or when they get to the airport guide map will have ads in it. You must present a passport at the door and tell them about your flight. You will buy here and they will go straight to the airport for you, just takes no time at the airport and help lose weight luggage. I buy a lot of cosmetics Shisheido, L’Oreal before tour time. People buy watches, glasses, camera, camera brand name here. Cheaper but has assured that genuine goods.
6th Central-dimensional world, full of students selling handmade us very nice, true to say Central World Central World, 2 sides 2 the statue, the only full-rose 1, 1 Full cotton side yellow, very tidy .
Amarin building – opposite Gaysorn building specialized sales for Japanese and Korean brands, in which Amarin Pierre Cardin suits and suitcases, or also declined, even shoes for women anymore Pierre C., which has the size of 35 onwards, go much smoother.

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Thai Beef Calves Market shopping for the women and children. Here many without expensive anyway.
Patpong Night Market brutal bargain, it looks like the whole area west we go, very few Asians, grabbed extremely challenging to say and just like to sell to the West, like Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, should go to the said but did not buy anything. Larcose parody shirt, sure to ask 850 baht, paid $ 100, then to 110, 120 last purchase price of 200 baht.
Go buy cheap, you keep an eye on the counter sale off, and the items they liquidate or close to the camcorder aisle in the supermarket cash register, which is to select some longer want to clear or only a few that do not most worthwhile or date displayed, there will be quite cheap (but do not forget to look cheap ham date)
Buy tights, of paper, of a short neck to mother
Terminal 21 (Asoke station) a meal or just pretty cool shopping, photography.
Asiatique (Chao Phraya River), sightseeing, shopping evenings.


What to see in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok’s tourist attractions go quite diverse from the zoo, the park, the shows before, and to visit the bazaar shopping. Most of you will have to buy tickets visit.

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In an article on his Thailand Tourism also said quite clearly on tourist attractions in Bangkok. Now I just list the good spots to go are:

Royal Palace and the Emerald Buddha Temple (note: wear sleeveless, long pants or skirts over knee, do not wear leggings). Places in the inner side of the river has several buildings with architectural character detail. Wat Phra Kaeo on site is a treasure house of Thai arts, where preserving the most revered Buddha image in Thailand. In this area there is the General Electric Building Coins and royal decorations, is a special place to exhibit regularly attire of the King, the ornaments, medals, coins and currencies currency used in Thailand since the 11th century complex admission also includes entrance fees summer palace Vimanmek located on Ratchathiwi. This area is open daily from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm.
Dream World in Bangkok, is a miniature Disneyland.

Address: Located at kilometer 7 of Rangsit-Ongkharak, this theme park featuring a European style plaza, miniature land rides and exciting. Open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays and from 7:00 to 7:00 pm on weekends and holidays. Tel: (662) 533-1152, (662) 533-1147.
Safari world, if you do not book a tour from hotel2thailand, you can book a tour at the tour desk of the hotel (the price can be higher than the Hotel2thailand). They also have a shuttle service, the driver will arrive, Safari world will drive in to walk around in the safari, and Dream World, then he will ask a 6pm meet somewhere outside the gates. From Bangkok to Safari World from 45 minutes to 1 hour, can be reached by taxi about 500 baht. Or you can take the bus to the Future Park, and from there catch a taxi, it would be cheaper. This zoo is very nice, apart from visiting the animals will have many animal shows as well as the film’s incredible performances on tour 007 … So, just take 600-700THB / person.
1 3D cinema to see a single rate per day 11h40 film travels into the Earth, the theater in Siam Paragon.
Going floating market (more fruits and exotic cuisine ..),
Visit Kanchanaburi (Bridge on the River Kwai), boat trips on the River Kwai cork incredibly beautiful
Ayuthaya: if interested shrines, this is the old ancient capital of Thailand (same house his Citadel)
China Town
Boat on the Chao Praya River. Usually combine dinner while the boat is still running on the river, quite interesting. On the yacht also offers court music and traditional Thai dancing. You can put Eating and sail for approximately 781 children and adults are 975b bath.

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Temple of the Golden Buddha in 5 and a half frequency (in Chinatown)
4 Face Buddha (next to Hyatt Erawan Hotel)
Summer Palace (note: wear sleeveless, long pants or skirts over knee, do not wear leggings)
Ocean World + Wax Museum (at Siam Paragon)

What to eat in Bangkok Thailand

Every 3 to 5-star hotels in Bangkok are buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner. But Baiyoke Sky cheap and particularly Rooftop views of the city on the floor by floor 360-degree twist. Baiyoke Sky Hotel International Buffet 4 stars: floors 76-78, all domestic food, especially soup Yen, shasimi, sightseeing, observation deck is free watch 77 and 84 floors worth 400baht.

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If shopping at the trade center, the food was always there, with a food or food park town, delicious and healthy and cheap, enough Thai and Western dishes Tau Vietnam, there is always dessert, calculate the average only a few dozen baht / share.

Tom Yam (eat seafood, shrimp or chicken, then according to that call). Me make less spicy, bitter death always forget. If you do not like coconut so sure they are not for coconut water. What you prefer is called Tom Yam sea food Tha Le, who like Tom Yam chicken is called detoxification, someone like Tom Yam Kung shrimp they cried.
The salad (Thai called yam): yam, lotus won, instant vermicelli salad, mixed with sweet and sour sauce, shellfish or pork squid minced with onion, and peppers. A lot of your favorite dishes is the papaya salad, Som Tam called: Som Tam Poo (with the three dimensions) and Som Tam Thai (o There were none), including green papaya and carrot away numerous mortar, pounding it is soft and sweet and sour sauce permeability, peanuts, tomatoes, mini-dish next to the beans (in Thailand they eat raw bean) and eaten with sticky rice or not.
Gun Yam Sen: Thai vermicelli salad, seafood or pork hash option they choose, remember told “no spicy”
Som Tam: Thai papaya salad, tasty, good not remember who called it belly do not miss the countless handcuffed because it seemed alive.
Generally close to Central World, Pratunam … are eateries along the sidewalks. Silom Patpong … otherwise, the multitude of Siam Paragon dining area, including the world’s first food to choose from. Big C has many great dishes, not cheap but delicious, only dish unused Somtam use mango papaya that is special and delicious.

Boats have you been eating tuktuk or taxi to Chinatown. Where delicious seafood fresh, cheap, just a few select bars sold by street vendors. Chinatown is very long, do not be impatient, but choose to eat right. Just go to one paragraph, see, eat reasonably rows. Typical seafood right off the road for a few guests like Vietnam’s Tau restaurant, specially the famous red shirt blue 2 bars next to each other.


Eating grilled fish opposite Big C, front Central World
Delicious mango sticky rice, so should enjoy.
Try dishes oyster omelette (oplet oysters) This dish is also known in Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong again, apparently its origin is Chinese food or star reviews. ChinaTown grabbed went on, peering so its menu if they remember to try oyster omelette offline.
There is time to walk around here can glide through sampling: Thai-Chinese food restaurant on the 3rd floor of MBK Hongmin center, about 100BHT / disk, delicious food at Silom, order types on a hot plate Crispy offline.
Besides, Thailand has several small restaurants in MBK mall or the supermarket strewn everywhere, including:

MK restaurant: sell Chinese food, especially hot pot special MK (shabu shabu seed varieties), you called things like eating (such as vermicelli or noodles, chicken, fish, shrimp, vegetables, etc …. And left countless hotpot).
BBQ restaurant: similar but purely as MK. Also choose dishes to your liking then put on the grill.
Shabushi: hotpot restaurant and sushi conveyor belt, cheap, delicious range 300baht / person.
Sizzler Restaurant: often crowded, not very successful in the US but very successful in Thailand. Stylish is one salad bar, soup includes 4 types (including clam soup Tom Yam cooked and milk, mushroom soup out there outside, onion soup) and many kinds of salad, vegetables, etc. You can choose the salad bar (buffet) 120 THB food prices catch up, in addition to steak, spicy grilled chicken is also delicious.
In addition, there are KFC grilled chicken rice, spicy sour chicken served with hot rice.
Steak House: 6th floor, close to the door to Zen. Sell ​​kinds of beef steak to chicken, fish, pork prices are ok, 1 set 99B is saturated.

Kobune – Japanese restaurant, with boats running out of water carrying food skim my desk, but heard little on going virtual unknown, prices from 30-50B / boat, very tasty and good value for money.

Zen and Isetan Foodcourt party: choose cheaper and more especially the Zen.

Din Tai Fung is a Chinese restaurant only 3 stars in Bangkok, want to have seats, they must arrive early, Xiao Long Bao is the most delicious dishes here. Light oil price is not cheap, tax-range 100B / lane with 10 females.

Sukishi: 1 grilled buffet restaurant and other hot pot, very good prices apparently 329B / day.

BIG C Basement available fruit was peeled away the box (after 8pm discounts up to 50%) is very cheap and tasty (Suggest guava, mango is delicious) … In front of Big C has few carts selling Thai durian, remember to try this out .

Khaosan road: 1 road materials dining, bars, tattoo …

Bangkok Thailand transfer to city center

I go have a detailed synthesis of the problem go back in Thailand, and also quite particular about travel in Bangkok. Hopefully this article will help you get more useful information about Bangkok Thailand.


Travelling in Bangkok
Suvarnabhumi airport to the center
Using BTS: Without much luggage and want to save, and not want to be stuck in traffic, people should take the tram is located in the basement B1. Go fast, handy.
There are 2 types:
City line station stops 8, prices from airport terminals to the 45b / person. Going from top to bottom all 20-25p range.
Express line: For those who want quick, off-hour flight delay. Games 1 circuit 15p is to go from station to station 3 last: The price is 90B / person.
Taxi: winter time is also quite tired waiting car, the price includes charges 90baht highways and taxi per km. Total losses are estimated at more than 200baht, 350 baht is the highest. You should be up to the International 4th floor lobby, catch a cab of the vehicle has run to, just how fast this (because not have to queue at the airport taxi service), just save the service charge 50 Bath service yard flight (note: opening say their region should go, the driver nodded, then climb, not verbal agreement price)

Don Muang airport to the center

This information is the article I wrote about the Tourism Authority of Thailand, passed through here for full information.

From the airport you take a taxi out to the lobby in the center of Bangkok. The vehicle will be charged by the clock, you remind the driver turned the clock. Price to central Bangkok about 200 to 250 Bath, but you pay an extra 50 baht for airport parking fees and promotions if you choose to go 30/40 highway (highway).

Bus ride from Bangkok Don Muang to. This reference Baynhe her.


If you go to save as dust, you can go by airport bus (to more than affordable bus). The bus ride from Don Muang Airport, you bag up comfortable furniture. From the lobby, you walk to the bus station to the airport (sea view or ask the staff guidance). A total of 4 routes to downtown Bangkok, as follows:

Route 4: Airport – Silom Rd

The service is suitable for you to do to stay in the Silom area (eg near Patpong red-light district), Note: The vehicle 24 hours, always with the car.

Route 29: Airport – Victory Monument – Bangkok Railway Station (Hua amphong)
The service is suitable for you to do in the city of Khao San road inn (to occupy the Victory Monument station) and you do Accommodation in China Town China Town (the endpoint is down to Hua Lamphong station). Note: The vehicle 24 hours, always with the car.

Route 10: Airport – Victory Monument – Southern Region Bus Terminal

The service is suitable for you to do in the city of Khao San road inn (to occupy the Victory Monument station) and you do want to go to the southern provinces of Thailand (down to the end of the Southern Region Bus Terminal bus station).

Route 13: Airport – Sukhumvit Rd. – Eastern Region Bus Terminal

The service is suitable for you to do to stay in Sumkhumvid (to ask the staff to see the ticket that you need to do is clip because Sukhimvid long lines). This line is the end point of the Eastern Region Bus Terminal bus station (another name is bus station Ekamai) – this is where the city comes away Pattaya Beach. In summary, from Don Muang Airport to catch the car, you go to Pattaya bus terminal Ekamai 13 this offline.

Where to go in Krabi, Thailand

In Krabi town. You should go to a convenient car rental. If you like hiking the Tiger Cave Temple should go, very interesting, above peaks can view all krabi. This is also the most famous temple in southern Thailand, up to the summit you can admire a large Buddha statue, and tiger footprints, called the Temple origin. Furthermore you can go long tail on the Krabi River, as well as many other places starting from the river pier.


In Ao Nang

Nopparat Thara Beach: a picturesque beach on the western tip of Ao Nang, is planned as a national park. When the tide is low, you can walk to some craggy limestone islands nearby. However if you go to buy milk, you should talk to the locals before wading walk to the island beach. Able to Nopparat Thara beach by motorcycle, to which you go up and assured car is not lost.

Rai Leh Beach is a beautiful beach near Ao Nang, where you can only get there by boat Longtail. Actually it is a part of the mainland, but was divided by limestone hills. Cleaner beaches and Nopparat Thara Beach Ao Nang beach, next to which you can also visit some of the caves. There are also hotels and resorts on the beach. In order to Rai Leh Longtail boat you will have to go for 800 baht for the boat, the boat will be waiting for a sufficient number of new visitors to run, because they will collect enough 800 that bath. If you go into the low season, you will not wait long, or pay the full amount on to be gone soon.

Bai Su-san Hoi, also known as beach with oyster fossils, about 17km from Krabi town. Formerly, this area is freshwater marshes, home to many species of snails, clams. Over time, the marshes disappear, all snails, oysters are dead form the fossil layers up to 40cm thickness. With the shift in geography, the fossil layers break apart into giant platform located on Laem Pho coast forming strange shapes. This is an interesting point for visiting archaeological population, entrance fee for foreign tourists is 200bath

Ao Nang beach, the morning you’ll find deserted by the visitors usually travel by tour of the island. New afternoon was busy period in Ao nang.


Schedule refer Krabi Ao nang Tourism

Time: At least 5 days and 5 nights

Schedule: SG-BKK-Krabi-Phi Phi Don Ao Nang-Krabi-Town-the-BKK-SG Krabi Island

Day 1: Fly Bangkok trip last night, if you want to sleep at the airport, you can Luggage and play in BKK. Take the subway, the last bus back to the airport is at 12:00 at night, if you go later, they must take a taxi. If Air Asia plane tickets to buy seats in advance to be able to check in automatically by machine (without luggage) and into the airport doors to find a place to sleep are just not as cold as in the outside, just very empty people because Air Asia flights night. Be prepared thin sleeping bag or blanket.

Day 2: Phi Phi Don. Air Asia flights 6:30 am, to Krabi is 8:00. Luggage should not because it will take a lot of time to wait, go straight off the pier in Krabi town. Taxi can say is go out boat ferry dock to go to Phi Phi Don, the only flight of the day is 9:00 am. On Phi Phi Don there are tours to Maya bay (Ko Phi Phi Lee) catch the sunset at 12:30 or maybe go camping Maya began flying night at 3:30 pm, this tour might just catch the sunset and sunrise. Stayed the night on the island, if not go camping the night.

Day 3: Phi Phi – Ao Nang. Rent a bike to explore the island of Phi Phi Don island or Bamboo for tours (Phi Phi Leh). I have not checked with this tour or not but bamboo island should go, or rent a long tail boat. 15:30 ferry boat ride (only 1 flight per day) to over Ao Nang in Krabi area. You can at Ao Nang Buri Resort is located very conveniently or any other public property in Ao Nang area.

Day 4: Krabi town. So go for convenient car hire. If you like hiking the Tiger Cave Temple should go, very interesting, above peaks can view all krabi. Also can go long tail on the Krabi River, a lot of places you can explore starting from the river pier. Morning market and night market in Krabi nothing to buy both. Morning market daily selling food mainly, but not guaranteed hygiene. The night market selling varieties Ho Ky Hoa Night Market.

Day 5: Go island in Krabi: Tour 4 Island or well, or there are many other places to go that we did not have time to go up.

Day 6: Should early flight to Bangkok for shopping in duty free time shops.

Tour from Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiangmai to Chiang Mai travel
From Chiang Mai you can combine or go Chiang Rai Pai. About Chiang Rai is very rewarding because at landmarks including the Golden Triangle, Khun Wat Rong – White Pagoda, the village of Long Neck Karen ethnic people and many other unique temple. I’ll write an article about Chiang Rai later.

Padung Village, the village of Long Neck Karen people


Chiang Dao Cave you continue the journey up the mountain to visit the village where ethnic Padung Long Neck Karen live. The women wear brass rings around the neck, wrists and ankles as part of their culture. The visit will help you learn about the people of ethnic minorities in the north of Thailand. You can also buy one couple bracelets as souvenirs, a move to help the minority here.

Some travel funding estimates

Car rental treadmill 200bath / 1 day
Play Jungle Flight is 2400bath
Chiangmai Zoo money on: 100bath / person
Cash on winter palace on Doi Suthep: 50bath / person.
Thai sim Purchases: 100bath
Tuk tuk money goes: 75bath / person
If you go to the festival, drop some money for night lights festival: 120-150bath (30bath / small and 40bath lamps / lights candles bonus to size)
Laundry Money Map: 65 baht / 1.5kg
The other personal expenditures.

Where to go in Chiang Mai, Thailand

You should spend 2 days visiting the temples themselves and the surrounding Waterfall. One of the impressive points which one to Chiang Mai and Wat Doi Su which is Thep, from here you can see the entire city of ChiangMai. Move, you can rent a motorbike to go (note the left side of the road Thai travel, Doi Su Thep road up a steep and twisting, you take careful note), also can rent a tuktuk to move.


You should buy one adventure tour around Chiang Mai, there are many options such as tour: rafting, bamboo, elephant riding, visit Long neck tribe, Jungle flight (this role orgasm, including travel time and go play around 8.30am, about 3pm on to motels).

You can book a tour through Hotel2Thailand for cheap and convenient. This is a station tour bookings as well as Land Prestige rooms, the majority of people are set to go through this dust, because the price is cheaper than buying in the Thai agents, fast service and support 24 hours online. Information about Adventure tour in Chiang Mai you see here


Some straight sight not to be missed

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Temple

18 km from the city, the temple is located on the slopes at an altitude of 1,073 Suthep. Coming here you will admire the gilded stupa is great, and can be seen from the city of cloudy days. It was built in 1383 during the Lanna. The road to the temple is 290 Naga stairs. If you are not able to climb the stairs, we can safely go by cable car with just 20 baht. You should go here by motorbike to travel cheaply and are free (note the mountain road).

Wat Chedi Luang

The temple is located in the city in line Prapokklao. Original temple was built in 1401 by order of King Saeng Muang Ma. 1454, reigning King Tilo-Garaj extend to a height of 86 Chedi m. After the earthquake in 1545 Stupa lies in ruins until the years 1991 to 1992, when it was rebuilt at a cost of several million baht. Article characteristic of this temple is the unique architecture and art Lanna dynasty (Northern Thai). Wat Chedi Luang is also known as one of the temporary place of worship of the Jade Buddha, now being worshiped in Wat Phra Kaeo in Bangkok. Opening hours: 8:00 to 17:00.

Mae Sa Elephant Camp

Mae Sa Elephant Camp is surrounded by lush forest canopy, tucked away in a picturesque valley. The camp is located about 30 km from the city to the north. Mae Sa is home to more than 70 domesticated elephants along with the mahout. Every day, the elephants being bathed and having fun in the river, feeding and perform a series of exercises. At this point you will be riding elephants walk around the camp, learn about the life of Elephant, and enjoy the natural surroundings. Apart from a short visit during the day, you can also try to join the mahout training base, this is only for those who go in-depth understanding only. The course will teach you about the issue of animal biology, health requirements, body language, as well as command, train painting, bathing, and control elephants.

Chiang Mai Zoo

This is a great zoo strict management, forest located on the slopes of Doi Suthep. Zoo is home to over 200 species of mammals, birds from Asia and Africa. It also kept the two panda Lin Hui, and notoriously Xuang Xuang, Goodwill Ambassador of Thailand and the People’s Republic of China. Their son was named “Lin Ping”. Departments end Open from 8 am to 6 pm daily. In addition, the zoo is open from dusk 6 pm to 9 pm. For more information, you can visit the website http://www.chiangmaizoo.com.

Karen ancient peoples and Chiang Dao Caves

Coming to Thailand’s northern region, you should visit the villages of the ethnic neck long. There are 2 ways to reach them is to visit villages in the area Padung Chiang Dao cave, or on the road from Mae Sai in Chiang Rai travel.

The cave is located about 72km north of Chiang Mai. Boasting some of the  stretches several kilometers into the mountains. The official figure is about 12 km. The cave is part of a mountain range 2,100 meters high Chiang Dao.

Chiang Mai Thailand Tour

“Chiengmai” or “Chiangmai”, is the most important cultural city in northern Thailand. It is the capital of Chiang Mai province, an ancient capital of the Lanna Kingdom (1296-1768). In 1932 Chiang Mai became the second level administrative unit of Thailand when Phayap Monthon administrative unit, remnants of the Kingdom of Lanna was dissolved. Chiang Mai from Bangkok, 700 km (435 miles) to the north, in the middle of the highest mountain in Thailand. Chiang Mai means “new city” and was named so because it is the new capital, founded in 1296. Some information Travel Chiang Mai would like to share with you.

Travel to Chiang Mai when?

Depending on the fund of your travel time that can arrange a trip to Chiang Mai. You can get to Chiang Mai anytime, however should go into festive occasion to fully enjoy cultural nuances here.

Festival in Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai route you should go to festivals. The famous festival is Loi Krathong (Festival Hoa Dang and sun lamps), Songkran, Chiang Mai Flower Festival.

Loi Krathong (locally known as Yee Peng)

Is held on the full moon of the 12th lunar month in Thailand, the full moon day of the 2nd month of the Lanna calendar old. In the calendar this usually falls in the month day 11. Each year thousands of people to attend, they make the light falls over with banana leaves (krathong), decorated with flowers and candles, and then drop out of the city line. Thousands of sky lanterns Lanna (called bending fai Lantern or kom loi) is also released into the air. The sky lantern is supposed to help local people get rid of troubles and are also taken to decorate houses and streets.

For accurate information on Festival Day held annually. You should refer to the information through the following website address: http://www.chiangmai-alacarte.com/loy-krathong-festival-november-5-6-and-7-2014-0

Following 2 days of collective drop lights is: Date your Local (free) and the date for international (Fee). These days you should join a local drop lights, but if possible, participate in the International Day for bonus are many things (pick up, Lanna style dinner, 2 lamp, 1 towel and move especially spaces hate).

Loykrathong Festival 2013 will begin on 16-18 / 11. Loy Krathong festival on 17/11/2013 Local (true full moon lunar October). International festival Yeepeng on 23/11/2013.

Songkran: Held in mid-April in the traditional Lunar New Year in Thailand. Chiang Mai is one of the most popular places to attend this festival. A variety of exciting activities related religion is held every year, including the parades and a Miss Songkran contest.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival: A three-day festival is held on the first weekend of February each year, this event was held at the United species of temperate and tropical Chiang Mai is blooming.


Rent motorcycle in Chiang Mai

Like other cities of Thailand. When renting a car you will have to reset Passport or you can order copies Passport along with the deposits is from 3000-5000 baht. To rent your car to ask the guest house where you are, it’s more convenient for you very much.

Car rental from 150bth- 200bth (cleverly and find cheaper accommodation, the 150 offline), the popular vehicles are 100cc – 125cc (just in VN only).

Migration in Chiang Mai

The physician can ride longer very popular tuk tuk prices depending capabilities of your bargain. You can also travel by motorcycle, car rental rates are 200bath / day, Tipper gasoline.

Tourism Thailand Krabi Ao Nang

Krabi is one of the southern provinces of Thailand, located along the Andaman coast and 814km from Bangkok. Flight from Bangkok airport to take 1 hour 20 minutes to Krabi. If going by car, about 11 to 12 hours. Phuket Krabi property bordered by sea, from Krabi to Phuket about 2 hours by ship. If you are a travel enthusiast is sure to go Sea Phuket and Krabi both. Although not as famous Krabi Phuket, Krabi so quiet and less tourist than an attractive thing for those who do not like the hustle and bustle. Moreover Krabi but also long and beautiful beaches, the island has many beaches with clear blue and clean. Also from Krabi you can also come to the beautiful islands such as Ko Phi Phi Lee and Phi Phi Don, the distance away from Phuket similar.


Krabi travel to most people will stay at Ao Nang Beach, a beautiful beach with the romantic scene. From this beach you can buy tours to Phi Phi island by speedboat, or the adventure tours such as mountain climbing or scuba diving in Leh Rei. In addition you can also rent a motorbike run around, explore the beaches here.

Go to Krabi

From Bangkok to Krabi there are 2 ways to fly and ride the bus.

With air, you can choose the airline, such as Thai Airways, Air Asia or Nok Air. With AirAsia’s always more promotion, you should follow up on its Web site to update promotional information. Although quite comfortable in Thai bus, but if booked cheap airfares will help you a lot more tired.

Airports in Krabi is Krabi International Airport, from the airport, you will catch a taxi or other means to enter the city center (about 15km) from the airport is 40 km away Ao Nang. Prices go live by from the airport to Ao nang about 50bath / person, with a time of about 1.5 hours.


With a bus from Bangkok to Krabi

Krabi bus station starting at the city bus station south of Bangkok (Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal – +66.24351199). About 12 hours of new vehicles to Krabi. Everyday there are buses vegetarian, with the car class as: VIP bus (19h, 19h30 – 24 seats), and the second class (20h – 50 seats). Many to choose from thanks to the hotel reception to buy tickets, because from the center out pretty far south bus station. Now your car can be found here: http://www.sawadee.com/transfer/bus-krabi.htm

In addition to convenient than if you were at the hotel in Bangkok, you can ask the front desk to buy tickets to go to Krabi. Thai bus get good reviews. Krabi ride in the car with toilet, 2-storey car types, along the way have found mineral water and pastries. You should be aware hour drive and the station before driving about 20-30 minutes offline.

When to Krabi bus station, you can catch a ride minivan hotel in Krabi center for about 150bth / person. Or go to Ao nang minivan always with the same price.

A small note when 2 stories Bus vehicles in Thailand, you should not choose seats behind the staircase, in this location would uncomfortable seat leg room by stenosis.


What’s playing in Krabi

In Krabi town. You should go to a convenient car rental. If you like hiking the Tiger Cave Temple should go, very interesting, above peaks can view all krabi. This is also the most famous temple in southern Thailand, up to the summit you can admire a large Buddha statue, and tiger footprints, called the Temple origin. Furthermore you can go long tail on the Krabi River, as well as many other places starting from the river pier.

In Ao Nang

Nopparat Thara Beach: a picturesque beach on the western tip of Ao Nang, is planned as a national park. When the tide is low, you can walk to some craggy limestone islands nearby. However if you go to buy milk, you should talk to the locals before wading walk to the island beach. Able to Nopparat Thara beach by motorcycle, to which you go up and assured car is not lost.

Hotels inKrabi town

You should stay at Hometel hotel, room rates VND 550,000. Room 3 is quite large, with bacony, not including breakfast. Very good location, next to the night market. If booking with breakfast is a little higher price. Check rates Hometel here

Assessment and review hotels in Krabi no more. You can see more hotels in Krabi reputable booking site Agoda.vn

Tour from Krabi


From Krabi you can easily buy the tour visits the island of Phi Phi. Should walk through tour agents in Ao Nang to explore and have good prices. Buy at hotels and resorts, it will be higher than outside. But by comparison, you should review carefully the conditions detailed account of each tour including meals, shuttles, accompanying services. There will be a number of different types of tours: Phiphi tour, Krabi Hong island or island tour 4 (highway going canoes or longtail). The majority of the highway going canoes, canoe run when you should stand rather than sit, because when running somewhat shocking.

Safari World Bangkok travel experiences in Thailand

Safari World Bangkok is an attractive destination not to be missed when in Bangkok Thailand. If you travel with your family and have children, then surely you will have to look at here for the children can participate in exciting games, learn the animals around the world. And to have a great trip and successful Safari you can consult through our travel experiences.


Safari travel experiences self (T9 / 2013)


Buying on the printed voucher Hotels2Thailand carry out the ticket counter right to change ticket Safari.
Mineral water: because certain needs, at least each person 1chai. It was hot too, bought in safari is 25B / 10B bottles have also 7-11chi.
Beach / hats: sun to die.

Safari World Bangkok taxi pickup

Now type:

I took a taxi meter away from BTS Nana Safari, go highway 40B + 180B = 220B. In fact the original intent of the abdomen is 350B / one body, while paying you not believe my eyes. The path is quite far, no traffic light traffic (starting at 10g children), about 30p to place. I have a tip for taxi uncle because the attention meek, also helped me earn more toilet halfway.
Actually, at first refused to go first pickup meter but when it saw you holding a voucher of Hotels2Thailand it not stand to go again. It bluntly “you buy tickets I go, you do not buy tickets I do not go”. Probably taxi will be divided commission. So she went to see a few taxis gentle, honest, then tip them one bit ah.
My experience as a taxi driver picking sage sage elders, sick sick, Thailand looks rather choose his few shark shark Indian varieties.
At about:

I always catch a taxi at the gate, and highway 40B + 230B (more traffic) = 270B. But finding a taxi is one joke. The driver did not have to turn on meter first, I’m going to ask to be on the 2nd car meter but said she faces 150B highway money. Morning I go through highway toll booths explicitly 40B table 4 seats, so I said do not go, again asked another car.
Long lines connecting raw beans after another taxi, the driver acquainted few out so each time you pay the price as the crowd gathers round to speak Thai, something like a “meter it goes there, you have to carry it?” , also slightly annoyed bothered. A group of drivers is the same in both paid the price, with an agreement with you always. What is “crowded traffic, going highway 40B morning but now the new 150B highway to go about it.” Certain I refused because “I go there 40B morning ah”. 1 in their contract period subject “Ok, you take highway 50B money offline”. Mah ultimately taxi back to the first sitting. (This point I see gay people Caring state, before there later, give each other that make a living).
Now through toll booths, remains board 40B 4-wheel vehicles, I intentionally put banknotes rot 50B see one again? He received money rot 10B drivers look at me hesitantly, ultimately bring change for you !!! About to BTS Nana, find taxi less money, so I give back the money that 10B + tip for the driver anymore. They also found honesty …
Actually, when you think about not much he ate taxi highway money where they want to go the whole mah by highway, over 2.3 means charging station so they say highway is 150B (with millet make up a little ). Because I only agreed to after the last 50B 1 highway toll station, I saw the taxi turned off the highway. At the road often, you see on the highway first. This is the time when a new major traffic jams NEH, in broken fragments in broken fragments ~ _ ~ !!!

Entrance ticket exchange

The driver took you no time to go to the ticket counter always (remember correctly, the dial 3). To which they have a list of ticket buyers from H2T then, given the distinctive voucher is to make the distinctive instant wealth. 1 pax includes: Sticker on mineral coating Marine Park Safari Park ticket + ticket + buffet lunch.
From the ticket booth, turn left into Marine Park Entrance port. Turn right where the car sat waiting for Coach Bus Tours Safari Park.
Now buyers are found for Show schedule map, borrowed one paper clip to press the adhesive 2 offline. Research done starting soaking the Show Schedule.

SAFARI PARK: open 9am – 1630


This area is no walk mah required to ride on. Now they sit in the car, prohibited open to flounder …. There are two ways one is to hire a taxi, buy Coach Bus 30B 2 / person.
Coach Safari Time Table: 9:15; 9:30; 9:45 (Feeding Show); 10:00; 10:30; 12:15; 12:30; 12:45; 13:15; 13:45; 14:30; 15:00; 15:30; 16:00; 16:30.

I buy when I go to visit the Bus Coach Safari, but think of it, should not 1 / because its bus sat slightly dirty dirty old car with rancid. 2 / If not enough to mah h, the car passenger wait lingered new 5,10p run. 3 / I mah boarding to sit late, late. 4 / Vehicles running in the Park also co stopped shooting yourself but if you like a taxi then stopped at any time, as long as.
Go 1.2 people sat Coach Bus travel savings but 3.4 people should hail a taxi. And who does not like waste time waiting for a taxi that yell, quick quick. I think people take a taxi arranged to visit the Safari finished, turned straight to the hotel to stay, so to save money not being charge 35B is open again.
Above is the detailed experience Safari World Bangkok. To book a Safari tour with cheap and convenient you can view information and reservations via: http://www.hotels2thailand.com/bangkok-day-trips/Bangkok-Safari-Park.asp