What to eat in Bangkok Thailand

Every 3 to 5-star hotels in Bangkok are buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner. But Baiyoke Sky cheap and particularly Rooftop views of the city on the floor by floor 360-degree twist. Baiyoke Sky Hotel International Buffet 4 stars: floors 76-78, all domestic food, especially soup Yen, shasimi, sightseeing, observation deck is free watch 77 and 84 floors worth 400baht.

tải xuống

If shopping at the trade center, the food was always there, with a food or food park town, delicious and healthy and cheap, enough Thai and Western dishes Tau Vietnam, there is always dessert, calculate the average only a few dozen baht / share.

Tom Yam (eat seafood, shrimp or chicken, then according to that call). Me make less spicy, bitter death always forget. If you do not like coconut so sure they are not for coconut water. What you prefer is called Tom Yam sea food Tha Le, who like Tom Yam chicken is called detoxification, someone like Tom Yam Kung shrimp they cried.
The salad (Thai called yam): yam, lotus won, instant vermicelli salad, mixed with sweet and sour sauce, shellfish or pork squid minced with onion, and peppers. A lot of your favorite dishes is the papaya salad, Som Tam called: Som Tam Poo (with the three dimensions) and Som Tam Thai (o There were none), including green papaya and carrot away numerous mortar, pounding it is soft and sweet and sour sauce permeability, peanuts, tomatoes, mini-dish next to the beans (in Thailand they eat raw bean) and eaten with sticky rice or not.
Gun Yam Sen: Thai vermicelli salad, seafood or pork hash option they choose, remember told “no spicy”
Som Tam: Thai papaya salad, tasty, good not remember who called it belly do not miss the countless handcuffed because it seemed alive.
Generally close to Central World, Pratunam … are eateries along the sidewalks. Silom Patpong … otherwise, the multitude of Siam Paragon dining area, including the world’s first food to choose from. Big C has many great dishes, not cheap but delicious, only dish unused Somtam use mango papaya that is special and delicious.

Boats have you been eating tuktuk or taxi to Chinatown. Where delicious seafood fresh, cheap, just a few select bars sold by street vendors. Chinatown is very long, do not be impatient, but choose to eat right. Just go to one paragraph, see, eat reasonably rows. Typical seafood right off the road for a few guests like Vietnam’s Tau restaurant, specially the famous red shirt blue 2 bars next to each other.


Eating grilled fish opposite Big C, front Central World
Delicious mango sticky rice, so should enjoy.
Try dishes oyster omelette (oplet oysters) This dish is also known in Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong again, apparently its origin is Chinese food or star reviews. ChinaTown grabbed went on, peering so its menu if they remember to try oyster omelette offline.
There is time to walk around here can glide through sampling: Thai-Chinese food restaurant on the 3rd floor of MBK Hongmin center, about 100BHT / disk, delicious food at Silom, order types on a hot plate Crispy offline.
Besides, Thailand has several small restaurants in MBK mall or the supermarket strewn everywhere, including:

MK restaurant: sell Chinese food, especially hot pot special MK (shabu shabu seed varieties), you called things like eating (such as vermicelli or noodles, chicken, fish, shrimp, vegetables, etc …. And left countless hotpot).
BBQ restaurant: similar but purely as MK. Also choose dishes to your liking then put on the grill.
Shabushi: hotpot restaurant and sushi conveyor belt, cheap, delicious range 300baht / person.
Sizzler Restaurant: often crowded, not very successful in the US but very successful in Thailand. Stylish is one salad bar, soup includes 4 types (including clam soup Tom Yam cooked and milk, mushroom soup out there outside, onion soup) and many kinds of salad, vegetables, etc. You can choose the salad bar (buffet) 120 THB food prices catch up, in addition to steak, spicy grilled chicken is also delicious.
In addition, there are KFC grilled chicken rice, spicy sour chicken served with hot rice.
Steak House: 6th floor, close to the door to Zen. Sell ​​kinds of beef steak to chicken, fish, pork prices are ok, 1 set 99B is saturated.

Kobune – Japanese restaurant, with boats running out of water carrying food skim my desk, but heard little on going virtual unknown, prices from 30-50B / boat, very tasty and good value for money.

Zen and Isetan Foodcourt party: choose cheaper and more especially the Zen.

Din Tai Fung is a Chinese restaurant only 3 stars in Bangkok, want to have seats, they must arrive early, Xiao Long Bao is the most delicious dishes here. Light oil price is not cheap, tax-range 100B / lane with 10 females.

Sukishi: 1 grilled buffet restaurant and other hot pot, very good prices apparently 329B / day.

BIG C Basement available fruit was peeled away the box (after 8pm discounts up to 50%) is very cheap and tasty (Suggest guava, mango is delicious) … In front of Big C has few carts selling Thai durian, remember to try this out .

Khaosan road: 1 road materials dining, bars, tattoo …


7 Delicious Thai food in Bangkok


In Bangkok there are plenty of dining and entertainment district, Thai cuisine is known for sour and spicy dishes. Some dishes like Pad Thai to mention, Tom Yum, papaya salad, Thai hot pot, and Tea Sticky Rice. The following article will guys to some location Ngon Restaurant in Bangkok. It will be very helpful for those you want to taste cuisine and Thai culinary experience.

1. Pad Thai (stir-fried or Vermicelli Noodle Thai Style)

One of the famous dishes and the most popular of the country is pad Thai & Golden Temple, also can be understood as fried noodles. Ingredients of this dish consists of fried noodles mixed eggs, peanuts, dried shrimp, tofu, tamarind sauce, beans, sometimes accompanied with shrimp or squid.


Where to eat Pad Thai?

You can enjoy Thip Samai Pad Thai at Pad Thai. This is the oldest restaurant, began to appear in 1966 as a small shop selling the Pad Thai at the Maha Chai Road sidewalk, near Samranraj, Bangkok. Due to the crisis of war, the small booth immediately became famous because of the quality and taste of it. The regular customers call it “Pad Thai Pratu Africa” ​​due to its location near the intersection Pratu-Africa.

According to local guides, this is one of the best Pad Thai indulge in Bangkok. Pad Thai a great drive only about 70 baht, including the bun (Thai style) with fried egg and shrimp package. You can eat Pad Thai with beverages such as coconut water (20 baht) by the formula of the mother of King Rama 9. Coconut water is very sweet and copra in each drink. Other drinks you can enjoy orange juice comes. The price of orange juice a day 2-3 times vary depending on the commitments they use. Price can about 150 baht.

Thip Samai Restaurant
Address: Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon Bangkok 10200, Thailand (If you take a taxi, tell the driver the address “Pad Thai Pratu Africa”)
Tel: 02-2216280

2. Thailand Papaya Salad


According to the introduction of the gourmet, you should have dinner at Siam Square Soi Somtam Nua at 5. You can also go Massage combined at Lek (Siam Square Soi 6). Somtam serves delicious dishes quite Isaan (Northeast regional cuisine of Thailand). Isaan cuisine borrows heavily from Lao cuisine and culinary differences with central Thailand.

Best known as Isaan cuisine Som tam (59 baht), spicy salad made from green papaya. Other dishes you can enjoy fried chicken is (98 baht), delicious but do not eat too much. Dish made with fried garlic, chicken quite fragrant and sweet. Leather is also very crispy and not too greasy.

Isaan food is known in Thai as spicy. Spicy food is more prevalent in Northeast Thailand, you can taste the spicy pork bone soup (97 baht), iced tea (40 baht).

One should also eat foods are spicy fried fish (95 baht), fried tilapia with chili garlic.

Restaurants Somtam Nua

Address: 392/14 Siam Square Soi 5, Rama 1 Road, Bangkok

Address: +66 (0) 22 51 4880

3. Noodle Bar in Sukhumvit Soi 38 walk


Along Sukhumvit Soi 38, has shown noodle stall has been around for 40 years. It is owned by two brothers and they said they are the first to sell pasta dishes and walk the streets at night.

Their noodles are homemade and crunchy quality. What makes the bowl of noodles tasted the broth made by Poh Chai Thai (dried radish) and pork fat. You can enjoy water Dried pasta or noodles for around (40/50/60 baht. Enjoy your noodle bowl with sugar, vinegar, fish sauce and chili powder, will make your dishes more delicious noodles much.

Address: Sukhumvit Soi 38 (Thong Lo alight at BTS, cross the road and you will shop)

Opening hours: 8: 00-02: 00

4. Tea Sticky Rice


Mango sticky rice (mango sticky rice tea). After eating noodles in Sukhumvit you can walk right into tea shop opposite Mango, Mango Tea shop owned by two sisters.

Their mango sticky rice and super delicious, many people commented that this is one of the most delicious sticky rice mango shop in Bangkok. Indeed, the mango is really very tasty! In addition, the Durian mango here is also very good.

Mango sticky rice

Address: Sukhumvit Soi 38 (Thong Lo alight at BTS, cross the road and you’ll see it)

Opening hours: 8: 00-02: 00

5. Chicken Soup Fish belly


If you are tired of the international breakfast in hotel usual, you can go to a small booth near City Hall, where you can taste the Fish Maw Soup (chicken or fish balls and abdomen something) for breakfast.

Store name is “Mit Pochana” means “where friends gather.” Chicken soup is cooked for several hours, a delicious dish fairly well and should try. Price for 1 bowl around (50/60 baht).

Mit Pochana

Address: Thanon Mahannop

Opening hours: 7: 00-14: 00

6. Cake Covered Thailand

Buns, available in many places, but you can buy delicious dumplings at 12 Yong Sheng, which specializes in selling handmade steamed buns.

Buns made with many different fillings: meat dumplings, Mang Cau’s v.v.v

Cake really smooth and cost about 54 baht.


Yong Sheng 12

Address: Thanon Mahannop

Opening hours: 6: 45-15: 00

7. Grilled Fish with Salt Bangkok

Between Central World and Platinum Shopping Mall, with a row of street stalls selling grilled fish with salt well known. You can easily find out by searching restaurant waiter this cute top with 2 straws.

Address: Between Central World and Platinum Shopping Mall

Only open for dinner

Note these 7 delicious Thai food and try it when travelling to Thailand, or else you’ll regret!


Khao San Bangkok – Eat Play Experience


Khao San Road is a walking street, where many fun activities for tourists in Bangkok – Thailand. It’s like an international neighborhood, where exchanges of all travelers from all over the world going to Bangkok. You can imagine as street Khao San Bui Vien in Saigon city and Ta Hien in Hanoi. KHAO SAN to Bangkok you can soak up the vibrant atmosphere around the clock, with restaurants, bars, discos, street food … An unforgettable experience with you when traveling in Thailand. This area is also close to the Royal Palace and now the Chao Phraya River.

Scroll to Khao San Bangkok like?


Khao San Road in Bangkok’s old district, so there is no subway system or as the area skytrain Siam, Sukhumvit, … transportation is mainly used buses.
From Pattaya to Bangkok, the car stopped at the station Mochit (from Don Mueang airport should also take the bus to come here to get to the heart of Bangkok). This bus station is very close to Chatuchak weekend market, if you want through fair play, they may walk more than 1km reach something, you can take a taxi every 60 baht (~ 40k) (remember to take a taxi home, there is some doctor 100 baht taxi fraud claim). Around Chatuchak Market has many bus stops, you can ask to see where people have to start the car some 512 stations on Khao San Bangkok offline! The fare is 15 baht (~ 10k), you just tell the person in the car is to Khao San road, they will always remind you to. Bangkok’s bus ride is very interesting, if not try to go here, but this means that it is regrettable results. Heard also has car number 3 on Khao San but also his is not going to try.

Bus in Thailand that look pretty old but extremely clean!

If you go shopping, just opposite the commercial center Siam Center take the bus number 15 is on Khao San is offline, all with 7 bath gentle, too cheap compared to all other vehicles

Note: Signs identify upcoming city bus stop near the Democracy Monument, Khao San is it this, just see this monument is that you can map out the door waiting to bag okay. From this stop walking into the road about 200-300 meters to Khao San. Want to take the bus from Khao San is also hitching a bus here.


Option 2 is a boat trip on the Chao Phraya River

River Station near Khao San least 13 stations, located along Phra Arthit, walk a few hundred meters to (dock located in the alley should remember when going to the bit). To vessels which meet the orange flag is up, pay is always on board, the fare is 15 baht, want to stop at the stations do. If the mall in Bangkok, you should stop at the station and went Sathon BTS.


We did stop at station No. 5 and then to discover Rajchawongse Chinatown nearby, since this may be the Hua Lamphong subway and BTS to shopping malls.

Option 3 is to take a taxi to Khao San Bangkok

This is not directed anything before, only after not afford it. Last day after going out so bone tired because some of Bangkok’s shopping district, and by late again so we have arrested a taxi from Khao San Don Mueang airport, but do not mind paying the price before the clock goes offline style press. Pretty far distance, according to doctors, the close-range Google Map 30 km, we paid 350 baht alone (~ 240k), also acceptable ^ ^

Khao San around town also has many tuk tuk but they are very wicked tight guillotine, we have also tried once said, because at that time did not know where the hotel so we went tuk tuk, turned out to short distances tẹo sure, but only took 60 baht fraud 500m.

Hostels KHAO SAN


Thailand travel booked through Agoda and you should, because the hotels in Thailand have pretty good prices on agoda, again just convenient, easy to book. Some hotels in Khao san reasonable prices bangkok you can see here

Due to Thailand for the first time so we have booked through Agoda a midrange hotel Bhiman Inn Hotel name , street number 55 Phrasumen, walk 300m is to Khao San. The hotel offers an Indian style, with swimming pool and free wifi in all the rooms (which is very convenient for the majority of decent hotels in the Thai free wifi only in the reception area), room rates are for 2 persons 600k. Served here are friendly, quiet neighborhood, right next to the park is quite large inside the Chao Phraya riverbank, I happy with this choice.

Also you can refer to a number of other hotels that I looked pretty well okay:

D & D Inn Hotel, located right on the street Khao San, Pool, apparently including light meals, room rates also about 600k, but here a little noisy.
More affordable, there Sawadee House, Chart Guesshouse … 300k price range for a double room.
According to me, you should put the hotel in a few around town as Phrasumen or Khao San for ease of travel. You can refer to the Khao San road near the lodge here


This is very interesting here, in this culinary diversity and the right of the street, you can encounter the famous Thai specialties with quite affordable price. Even on the street Khao San or walk up a few dozen meters have a different parallel streets named Rambuttri full range of delicacies sold.


Pad Thai is very tasty dish, there are many types from 25-50 baht, called Pad Thai your original shrimp is 40 baht, after, all called Pad Thai is not to add anything 25 bath, eat blur. The main material of this dish is a very special kind of noodle soup (same style crab cakes) and fried with onions, garlic, pepper, price, eating chili … then add the spices themselves to you like spicy dried shrimp, peanuts sesame, chili. Go along Khao San always felt mingled smells of fragrant Thai rice noodle.

Drinks on the street Khao San just full of beer is beer, mainly Chang, Tiger, Leo. The lowest is 70 baht, little man drinking from the cup of the West was very loud.

A lot of different fruits are sold, watermelon, mango, durian … Somehow the Thai durian is quite expensive, I thought that to be spoiled favorite dish, but too expensive. Also try to eat watermelon gold, said 20 baht a piece of food found not tasty.

Thai Tea all kinds, coconut milk bath 10, for more flavor taste anything, take it, and 10 baht one taste always, very much what you do not know what to taste.

Pad Thai is very tasty dish, there are many types from 25-50 baht, called Pad Thai your original shrimp is 40 baht, after, all called Pad Thai is not to add anything 25 bath, eat blur. The main material of this dish is a very special kind of noodle soup (same style crab cakes) and fried with onions, garlic, pepper, price, eating chili … then add the spices themselves to you like spicy dried shrimp, peanuts sesame, chili. Go along Khao San always felt mingled smells of fragrant Thai rice noodle.

Drinks on the street Khao San just full of beer is beer, mainly Chang, Tiger, Leo. The lowest is 70 baht, little man drinking from the cup of the West was very loud.

KHAO SAN Street promenade


Khao San is the West Street in the evening so it is extremely noisy, the West kept calling you is let’s rock hard, a multicultural space full of fun. At this point we also acquainted himself with 2 extra man very lovely Italian.

Along the way is the bars and restaurants extremely active (other than beer Ta Hien Street, the wind slashing his house: D) .Nhin cheered everyone dancing is difficult to restrain J. You also have participate in street bands play guitar very nature or in the bar with rock singer or DJ exciting, even just have a lot of DJs playing at the sidewalk. I feel really lively Khao San Walking Street in Pattaya more, especially from 11pm onwards.

If you do not like the noise you can also up the rooftop bar pretty exciting acoustic music. It is true that walking streets should foot massage services are everywhere, full line of massage shop for around 120 baht for 30 minutes ^ ^ happy

Shopping here is also very interesting, so different from the next major commercial centers, spoiled pay the price, because noisy so owners and guests must be circulating on the computer for the price, it’s fun: D . You can select the item is hand made clothes or personality for only around 100-200 baht only. I also selected a few items made in Thailand are substances such as clothing, flip-flops, bracelets.

You should go to Khao San on the occasion of the Songkran water festival Thai people from 13 – 15/04 will feel all the excitement of this place. Or maybe to the big tourist season as June, July or the end of the year.


Whether West Street but you also have to follow the rules of the Thai people as not dress immodestly, do not point the finger at others to avoid nuisance.
If you are having problems of security can to the police station at the beginning of Khao San, they too often go check, you also avoid extreme actions if not in trouble.
Beware of self-proclaimed character unexpectedly teachers invite you to tour their something, I saw this many Thai people go on and share, and I also met, unfortunately refused without losing a few hundred baht like playing.
If to look at Khao San Bangkok remember to get those great cultural experience all of you!